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12 years ago, me, 2 guys and a girl Jodie travelling in a van and racing motocross. We were all fucking her. She kept us drained. Typical day in the van, one driving, one working on the bike and one nailing Jodie on a mattress behind the bike. Did this for 8 months. Today we are all married with kids and one guy is married to Jodie. Me and the other guy still nail Jodie but only when invited by them. Jodie is a top lady.

Thanks for sharing! Jodie sounds like a top lady for sure. Must be hot for her husband to know what it was like back then and to continue it today. The question is whether they invite just you two or has Jodie expanded her circle of guys?

Hello again. Im a 2 year relationship guy from some of past asks... So, maybe she is afraid because i am her first and she never tried different cock so she might be upset trying a new cock or maybe shy? Can you suggest me what to do ? :(

Well, it has to be you talking and communicating with her. Watch porn together and talk about what turns you both on. Use toys and get verbal with role play. Point her at Tumblr and see what gets her juices running. Go out and encourage her to flirt and then have wild crazy sex after telling her how hot it was to watch her. It’ll be different for every woman though. So you just have to know your lady and keep trying to figure it out.



Apparently, tumblr sent to some users this e-mail:

We’re writing to let you know that, due to repeated uncontested notifications of copyright infringement against one or more of your blogs, your Tumblr account is one more uncontested notice away from termination. PLEASE…

Got the same email…

Got the same email too. :(

need help wife wont do anything anymore wont go out no more shots of her pussy had a girl ready to eat her once years back but no go all she wonts to do is hang at the house on sat and sun really is sad this is geting old the kids are older now so that's not it what to do ?

Sorry to here. Just have to talk to her. Find out what turns her on. Re-ignite that passion. It’s more about the relationship and knowing how to heat her up NOW, not how she heated up before. 

Talk. Try stuff. Be romantic. Make her feel great about herself.

Im in a 2 year relationship with my girl and when we watch porn she likes to watch DP and gangbangs but she says she is not into it in real life but shes just turned on and likes to masturbate to that....i sometimes doubt in that, i think shes to nice to admit that she would like to be in bed with two men. What do you think? Is it possible to be just fantasy or she is so stubborn to admit?

I personally think it’s impossible for someone to get off on watching something like that and not, deep down, want to do it in real life. What I think you are seeing is that she doesn’t believe she could do it in real life. That as much as it turns her on she just wouldn’t let herself go there for real. 

So I think the desire is there but it’s one that she feels like can only be done via fantasy. It can be tough to lead people to understand that they could do those things. Even tougher if they feel like there are consequences of doing it.

She might think that being in a gang bang would be really hot but that afterwards she’d be labeled a slut by all those guys and what if word got out and would she feel guilty or bad about her self and would any guy really want to marry a woman like that etc. etc.

I'm very happy for you! I haven't been here since she shot you down and came back to catch up and found that maybe she's not completely shut you down after all! It shows she's thinking about it, that she wants it in at least some way. Maybe it would be appropriate during one of you fuck sessions as you DP her to say to, "If you want this to be a real cock in your pussy with me you only have to decide you want it as much as me". Not sure how she'd react but if she cums you're go to go! :D

Thanks! And she’s certainly thinking about it. That’s super clear now. I’m not sure I could be that forward, it might do the opposite and have her tell me she doesn’t want it as much as me. But I’m definitely being more up front about it all and there are little things here and there that seem to be pointing in the right direction.