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Got any plans to move things along this weekend?

Yes. But I don’t want to jinx it!

What's this about texting when she's out wife the girls? Does she get hit on when out with her friends and what are the boundaries? If she came home and said oops I kissed and felt up another guy how would you react?

Once in a while when she goes out - it’s not often tho - she will text me. She’s attractive and gets hit on but she rebuffs it. If she came home and said that I’d be very horny!

What do you mean by doing something dangerous if she completely let us self go?

Once she gets going and crosses that line she might move faster than is safe. I’m thinking going somewhere (back of the club or alley) or not being careful with condoms. 

FYI - i also was adamant about being present but let me just tell you - i let her go meet a guy for what was supposed to be a little pre-session (a BJ) to whet his beak until the main session a few nights later. so she got all business slutty dressed up and split to her office which is just hers and they met and it was hella hot!! they stuck to the bj but at the end they were so hot they had sex. i only let her go alone on the condition that she learn and use the video camera which she did.

Thanks for sharing! That’s pretty hot. I bet that video is something you watch again and again :) 

The being there versus not is an interesting dynamic. I am nearly certain I’d want to be there but I will say that the times we text when she’s out with the girls is a huge turn on too. 

Like I said, I want to be there but I used to think I would not be able to handle kissing but then that turned me on when she did it on dance night. So I leave the door open at this point. The biggest reason for me to be there in some ways is to ensure she’s safe and that she doesn’t completely lose herself and do something dangerous. And I think she could if she just let herself cross that line completely.

In your role play with your wife do you or she fantasize about her being in a threesome with two different guys? Have your tried DP with the dildo or is she not into that?

No, usually it’s one stud and myself. And we do DP with me and the dildo on a pretty regular basis now. She loves getting double fucked and cums very hard when we do.

Very nice!

My lady took some convincing but did it for me. But now loves it and can’t get enough of different guys it seems. I am no cuck but my wife really likes to head this way. She has had a couple of away ones but likes me there. Thats when she will try take control and devote a lot of time to the other guy. She likes to see me squirm but then makes it up to me. Its a case I think of women using her power to control the situation.

Thanks for sharing. I’d like to think that for many who finally do cross the line, they figure out that this is a pretty great situation. It sounds like she knows exactly the buttons to push that gets you off and there’s no doubt that many women probably enjoy the sense of control they have. 

My wife and I divorced 5 years ago. We have both remarried new partners. My new wife was a friend of my first wife. We all get on well. About 6 months ago we swapped partners and it went well. For me it was fantastic to slip into my first wife after about 4 years absence. Sex was never the problem with the first marriage and I think if we had swapped or shared with others then we would still be together. No complaining though, my new wife is super hot as well.

Thanks for sharing. That’s an interesting situation. Not sure I’d want all the old connections like that hanging around as the new husband. Must have been hot to be with her again though.