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How are you doing? I think we all hope everything went well. But we're concerned that you haven't posted and maybe it would too well. I hope you have been fucking like rabbits part of the time with a guy you met at the club.

I’m good but a bit depressed. The night was fun in many ways but the wife pretty much called me out on the fantasy and said that it wasn’t going to happen and that I had my fantasy last summer. 

We were talking about Vegas at one point and I said I’d be down to go but she countered that she might not want to because she knew I just wanted to go because I thought it would up the chances of her getting down with a stranger. 

And she was right and admitted that and then she pretty much said no way it’s going to happen. So she has had the thought in her head but I might have been pushing a bit too hard and now she’s reigning things back in. 

I’m not saying this is a definitive no. Things change. Circumstances change. Moods change. But it certainly was a step back as far as I’m concerned. 

Another chance coming up in the next few weeks tho so we’ll see, maybe one step back and two steps forward? Wishful thinking but it’s all I have outside of fantastic sex and role play which is awesome and for which I AM thankful.

So there you go :(

Good luck tonight. I hope you get some progress, but if not just have fun and report back either way tomorrow. We'll all be eagerly checking in to find out what happened!

Probably not tonight. Tomorrow night tho. :)

How did your wife first react when you told her about this fantasy? I spoke with my wife just last week and she was a little bit freaked. I'm trying to reassure her I'm not trying this as a ploy to sleep with other women, no I'm not bisexual or a cuckold, yes I love and respect her etc etc but not sure she's out of shock mode yet to listen to me.

My wife was freaked out too.

Did it mean I wanted to sleep with other women? No.

Was I bi? No!

Did I love her? Yes!

Was she not enough for me? Of course she was! 

Yeah, it took her quite a while to get her mind around it. My advice is to ensure you pour on the romantic stuff. You can be all lust all fantasy all fuck all the time. You have to hold hands, get her roses and do the cuddle stuff too.

And give her time to let it sink in and get used to the idea. 

So I'm guessing that when you two go out for the night she's very aware of what you'd like to see happen? Of course if you're smart you won't advertise the outing that way, just an outing for the two of you and if something happens great.

Yes. There’s a pretty strong undercurrent of what I want and that she knows that. But it’s odd. It’s more like she also doesn’t want to acknowledge it so that it can happen. Not sure that makes sense. But by saying we’ll go out to that one specific club then the pressure is on. 

Yet, the last time we went out it was to another club and that wasn’t the plan that night. I’d put the idea in her head a while ago as an alternative to the first club. And I wanted something like that to happen and I think she did too but didn’t want to say it. But we wound up there - at her suggestion. It just sucked :(

So we talk about going out and I KNOW she knows where I’d like to wind up and what I’d like to happen and I think she doesn’t talk about it because she wants to keep the option open and keep it low key but in her head is planning to go. 

It took about 2 years of fantasy play but my wife finally decided to take a plunge. The first time I watched her with another guy I came faster than I usually do when we have sex (I can last 2 minutes on a good day). Watching her take his enormous tool and gasp and scream was something else. I lost count of her orgasms and now there is no stopping her. She is getting more uninhibited with each new guy. Good luck, love your blog!

Thanks for sharing! Well you got there a lot faster with your wife than I have with mine. But I guess it’s not a race. Great that you got what you wanted and that it’s going so well. Must admit what you describe is a lot of what I’d like to have happen.

Thanks for sharing. I usually don’t share solo shots but there’s something personal about this one that I liked. I hope you and she are exploring this fantasy :)


Thanks for sharing. I usually don’t share solo shots but there’s something personal about this one that I liked. I hope you and she are exploring this fantasy :)

Got any plans to move things along this weekend?

Yes. But I don’t want to jinx it!

What's this about texting when she's out wife the girls? Does she get hit on when out with her friends and what are the boundaries? If she came home and said oops I kissed and felt up another guy how would you react?

Once in a while when she goes out - it’s not often tho - she will text me. She’s attractive and gets hit on but she rebuffs it. If she came home and said that I’d be very horny!

What do you mean by doing something dangerous if she completely let us self go?

Once she gets going and crosses that line she might move faster than is safe. I’m thinking going somewhere (back of the club or alley) or not being careful with condoms.