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Apr 14

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Anonymous asked: Gentleman, you need to look at this from your wife’s perspective. You’re asking her to trust YOU beyond what she has ever trusted anyone. You’re asking her to trust that you’re secure in your manhood and relationship. That you have thought this through completely. That you aren’t going to have a come apart because she didn’t do things your way. Or you felt she enjoyed it a little too much. Or not enough, for that matter. Ask yourself if you have spent your marriage...

Great words here but I’m not sure what the last part of it means. But I think all of this is true. You’re asking your wife to trust you A LOT.

Anonymous asked: I love your blog. I have even got my wife to follow you. The questions, the answers and actual experiences are awesome. My wife used to say I was a sick sexual freak. Your blog has helped her understand that I am like others and only want her to enjoy herself. She is hot and had lots of fun before we married. She had much more than me. She's told me some of the intimate details and more since following here. I'm confident we will get there. Keep it going and good luck to you also. Happy follower

Thanks for sharing! That’s really awesome to hear too. Even if you don’t get there you’ll have more fun here on out now that you’re both a little less inhibited and can be more free and intimate with each other.

Of course it would be hot if you DID get there and if you do I expect details ;)

Apr 11

Anonymous asked: My wife gets really turned on with idea of fucking another man, and loves talking about it when we fuck! But when we talk about it outside the bedroom she can't get passed the idea that it's the same as cheating on me. I know it's not cheating (because I'd be there with her) but how do I reassure her? Any ideas?? Man I want to watch her!

Well, that’s the big stumbling point for many I think. To me it’s just repetition, talking about how it would be something you do together and taking baby steps that convince her that it wouldn’t produce the negative outcomes she’s probably thinking about when she uses the term ‘cheating’.

To me that’s the thing. It’s not the cheating they are so concerned about it’s the fact that they believe cheating will screw up your marriage and they care more about you and the marriage then lust. That’s a GREAT thing actually but frustrating if you want this. 

So, patience, reassurance, give her love and self-confidence, get in situations where she can flirt so you can experience tame versions of the fantasy. I’m no expert. Just a husband a bit further down the road but not yet there either.

Anonymous asked: Im trying to get my wife to fuck my buddy. She gave him a handjob as they madeout and he played w/her tits. Not sure if it will go any further but im hopeful. Any tips?

Well, that’s pretty far already. Did you ask her if she liked doing those things with your buddy? Do you relive them during foreplay? Do you describe how hot it was to watch her do that? Show her how much it turned you on and ask her if it turned her on to do it and I think you’ll be closer to taking another step.

Anonymous asked: To the guy with the beastly wife - Ask your wife what happened, maybe it a hormonal thing that can be fixed or maybe she's just tired from being a mom 24/7. Maybe you can get some time with her alter ego by helping out more around the house. Good luck!

Good advice!

I’m sharing my wife with guys that we both liked. First we are thinking about who can join us and it’s happening after all. We both love each other so much. We are also both jealous, and we can’t accept any lies. As a man, i’m so jealous normally, we sometimes even argue about some silly things just because of that. But when it comes to threesome fantasy, i’m not jealous, it’s so sexy when i know about it.

I think honesty is important. I know my wife loves me and she is faithful to me. We are having threesome in our bed just because we both like to do it. But that doesn’t mean we are not living our life as normal(!) persons.

Last week we had threesome with a guy. I watched her and it really made me hard. It was amazing night for us. 3 days later, when she was at work, i got jealous because of silly thing which wasn’t even issue.So what i’m trying to explain is this, just because you are sharing your wife in bed with another guy, doesn’t mean you are caring about her less or you are not jealous anymore. You need to see difference.As a couple, you need to stay faithful, honest.

Thank you for sharing! I think what you’re saying here is that if you do it together and everything is out in the open then you’re okay about it. And yes, if anything I think many with this fantasy care even more (if that’s possible) about their spouse. 

I watch your site and feel for you when people ask of your progress. We were very much like you. I talked and coerced my wife for a long time before she took the big step.

We used dildos like you to simulate the action of 2 cocks and she enjoyed it immensely. Now we have done the real thing we hardly ever do that.

When my wife took the big step I let her make the choice of the second male. I think that is natural. She had eventually said she may do it if the right man came along. We met a salesman at a trade show and got on well with him. We went to his hotel and played for about 5 hours. We did her twice together and then he had her solo as I looked on before we came home. We never saw him again as he was from another state.

Since then we have enjoyed different partners. We made the mistake of bringing someone home and although it all went well he knew where we lived and used to visit too often and could not see why we didn’t want him. We had to end that and that was sad as apart from his demands he was good and caring.

We also now never sleep the whole night with someone else. One night we were with a guy and had had a really good threesome. We went to sleep and I woke up to him fucking Sarah my wife, from behind. I never worried and enjoyed just lying there listening to her gasp and eventually cum. What I didn’t know until next day is that she had woken up after he had entered her. She thought he had a condom on as before. She became aware of no condom when all his cum ran out of her when he withdrew after the fuck. She said nothing until we got home. When we woke in the morning she went to the bathroom and cleaned up before we both had her one after the other. He wore a condom this time so I still suspected nothing. It was a wake up for both of us. We got tested to make sure everything was ok and it was. It was a cheap trick and we never saw him again.

We always make the extra guy wear a condom. It would be nice to let some cum in her but we don’t do it often enough with one person to trust them.

I am the only one to do her anally. She is more comfortable with that. I fit her just nicely and no partner has had a problem with it.

What we like to do is go to a hotel with a guy. We have a threesome and then she will want to clean up. I cum freely in her ass and it runs out for quite a while and makes further play messy. She encourages the guy to shower with her. I lay in bed and listen. They have fun in the shower. They often finger her and bring her off. When they get out I have a shower and then when I return to the bedroom the guy has usually started fucking her again. I love to watch them. When they have finished I may fuck her again. We will then leave and go home.

Over the last 2 years we have met a guy called Ray about 6 times. We never set out to find someone with a big cock but they are out there. Ray is huge. She took some effort to take his size. I never fuck after he has as her cunt is stretched and gapping. We go home and I have her in the morning. Everything is back to normal with no lasting effects.

Since we started this Sarah has become more liberated and outgoing. She has had some piercings and a tattoo done.  The tat is just above her pussy and it is my name. She even enjoyed having the tattoo done as she had to sit exposed to the guy doing the tat. She was horny but sore when we got home so I had to fuck her doggy so as not to touch her tender area.

You will get there. Give her time and let her make the choice.


Thank you for sharing! This is such a great account of the ups and downs of it all and not being afraid to do what is necessary to stay safe, do this as a couple and on your own terms. Well done and very hot.

Apr 10

The kiss is great.

The kiss is great.

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Hitting just the right spot.

Hitting just the right spot.

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