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Apr 23

Anonymous asked: During play with the dildo have you ever slipped in with the dildo to double vag her? Do you think she'd like that? I'm thinking maybe she would because you said she likes the fullness and hardness of the dildo. And that would be soo hot!

We did that once and it was okay but not awesome. She does LOVE a DP with the dildo in her pussy and me in her ass tho. And that is seriously hot, more so because she asks me if I can feel the big cock in her pussy as I fuck her ass. 

Anonymous asked: can you give the link to wife's pics?

No pics of her. You can read about dance night if you like tho:

Anonymous asked: Has your wife come straight out and said she'd like bigger cock? Does this only come up in the heat of the moment, or normal conversation?

No. I’m not sure she’d say that. It’s only been recently that she’s felt comfortable talking about cock size. It comes up in normal conversation when we’re out and we make suggestive double entendres. And she knows it turns me on so she’ll talk about it more. So hard to tell if it’s something she secretly wants or if she’s doing it for my benefit. I think it’s a bit of both myself.

Apr 22

Anonymous asked: Has your wife ever had a black guy? Would this appeal to you? It turns my wife on. She had a couple hen she was single. Its not the so much talked about big cocks but the contrast of black and white.

Never had a black guy but it does appeal to me and to her to a certain degree. The dildo she really enjoys is black and the fantasy talk often includes the idea of the guy being black, tho not all the time. Most often it’s just that he’s harder and a bit bigger. I think she’s warmed up to that. Feels more comfortable saying it now that she knows it won’t hurt my feelings. (The opposite in fact!) And the dildo IS 8 inches and thick which is bigger than me so … when she feels that in her and when she cums on it … well, there you go. The black contrast would be pretty amazing too, I admit.

Anonymous asked: I just had my first threesome with my girlfriend of two years saturday night. We rented a motel room and invited one of our close friends to come join us. We got to the room and had a few drinks and she went to the shower to get cleaned up. After about 20 minutes she invited us both to come join her. We all got clean and then went to the bed to fool around. He came for her three times and I sucked him off for a while. We are planning another one this weekend. Hopefully I can post pics.

Thanks for sharing! I’m not into the bi stuff myself but good for you and your GF for going for it. Just communicate, have fun and be safe. 

Apr 21

Anonymous asked: Has the wife mentioned going out again? Does she still tease you when you guys play with the dildo?

Yes to both :)

Apr 20



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Anonymous asked: I got called up one night to go fuck my buddy’s wife with him. We double plugged her. Me in her ass. Been asked now about a dozen times. Always the same, me in her ass. I have never got into her vagina. He has made it plain not to go there. I have told her I would dig fucking her straight up and she has said she’d like that but no. He has said he calls me when she wants us both and I think thats right. It is hot but I think I am being used. But not doing anyone else at present.

Well, you are being used. That’s what you’re there for really. And getting to fuck her ass sounds pretty hot. If you want something ‘deeper’ then I think you’re looking for a gal of your own and not being the third - a sexual plaything - for a couple. It’s not that they don’t like or trust you, they must if they keep calling. But it’s about them not about you.

Here’s my wife sucking my 4 inch cock and her lovers 9 inch cock.  She loves to compare mine to his, and makes a big deal out of how he’s twice as long as me.  She loves to compare his soft cock to my hard on.  He’s almost 6 inches soft.
Thanks for sharing!

Here’s my wife sucking my 4 inch cock and her lovers 9 inch cock.  She loves to compare mine to his, and makes a big deal out of how he’s twice as long as me.  She loves to compare his soft cock to my hard on.  He’s almost 6 inches soft.

Thanks for sharing!

Apr 19

Anonymous asked: We anchored our yacht near another and invited the 2 guys over for drinks. Ended up skinny dipping just on sunset. One guy Paul was totally hairless around his cock and balls. My wife was fascinated. Eventually she touched him. Then she sucked him. Over the next 2 days she blew him 4 times. He got his finger in a few times but she wouldn’t fuck him. The other guy and I just watched. She wanked the other guy once, he needed it. We do have Paul’s number though. Now I am hairless as well.

Sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing. (Shaving your cock and balls does feel good when you get sucked and it makes you look bigger too!)