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Jul 21

Anonymous said: You need to go out more often so there is a greater chance of having a successful night. My wife and I have a date night once a month without fail, sometimes twice if we get the chance. Sounds like you've got some time planned now but why not make it a regular thing?

You are 100% correct! And I’m hoping that I can make it a more regular thing. Working on it. For now I’m stoked that there are two weekends and four nights in the next month where we have a potential opportunity to go out. 

Seeing as how bad the last club we went to was I’m hoping to get her back to the club where ‘it’ happened again.

Anonymous said: On Monday nights I pick up my wife from her lovers hotel. They have dinner and drinks so she can’t drive and would have to stay there all night. He’s her old boss where she worked before and has been doing her for years. He stays in town one night a week. I know him but don’t go in. She is always very happy when she gets in the car and ready for more then but mostly I make her wait until we are home. I don’t see a problem with it, she seems to need it and I never miss out.

Thanks for sharing! I’m continually amazed at how many others do this sort of thing and the different ways they take place. I can’t imagine doing this weekly but that’s me and not you and your wife. That’s the awesome thing every couple can find the stuff that gets THEM off. Those who do I think wind up being very happy. Those who stay with what others tell them should get them off probably not happy.

toylovingclp said: I agree with you on the "her doing it alone thing" might be fun for some but its an absolutely not for me! Also, I guess I missed the phone sex thing... could you tell the story again?

Not much to tell. Back in the chat rooms days I convinced her to have sex with me as we typed with people and then that led to her calling a guy one time to describe how she’d suck him.

He turned into a bit of a dick so even though it was sort of hot she was kinda turned off by the idea of finding someone who would be cool. 


Anonymous said: Having wrote "the waiting is tough", just want you to know I hope you get what you want too. The point I was trying to make is sometimes no matter how much we "wish" and plan out steps, she will never do it. Or my case after twice refuse more. To another point I was trying to make is once you see your wife with another and you realize that you do indeed like it you soon know that once or twice is not enough. Compatibility becomes the key. Frustrated I now look for "something" to hang my hat on.

Totally get that! I know that the time that my wife went just a little bit into the reality it wasn’t planned. And that since any plans haven’t really worked out. It’s just not a paint by numbers thing :(

Interesting that once the fantasy is fulfilled that it doesn’t go away but only becomes stronger. I’ve given that a lot of thought actually and figured it would be like that. I know just what i’ve seen thus far makes me crave more so I totally get where you’re coming from.

I’m sorry you’re currently stuck in neutral but like you say, it’s not plannable and waiting is tough but it might just happen when you least expect it.

Thanks for sharing!

southsunlover said: If you have a strong relationship, don't be afraid to let her go alone. She'll come back to you telling all about it. That will make your bond even stronger.

I wouldn’t encourage that but I think if she was out with friends and made out with a guy I would probably be turned on. But to me it’s all about a shared experience so I’m not sure I could handle not being there. 

Jul 20

Anonymous said: I recommend you stick to your guns on you being present. She knows your fantasy as a MFM or at least you as an observer. It may send confusing messages if you change now. From where I sit you have an amazingly good thing with the role play games. For most of us we wont even have that. You have too much to lose to risk letting even encouraging her to fuck without you. Just my uneducated opinion FWIW. I hope you get what you want and the aftermath is what you want too.

Oh totally! I’m not going to encourage anything else and I think she’d want me there in the end anyway. But I did find it interesting that she was sort of in her own world on dance night in a lot of ways.

And the one time she did have phone sex with a guy a long time ago she wanted me to not be there but instead listen behind the door. Different circumstances then though and we’re a lot closer and in touch with each other now. 

So I’m still going with the role play which is amazing and just booked a few weekends where we can go out and play so hopefully something interesting outside of role play might happen by the end of the summer.

Thanks for looking out though. I really do appreciate it!

Anonymous said: Why restrict either a man or woman to one partner. If the relationship is strong it is natural that you both want the other to enjoy life and different experiences. We had done that for years. If my wife or me sees someone either wants to have then do it. We had one now friend who has been fucking my wife for 10 years. We probably on see him 3 times a year. But when we do its usually a couple of days and its full on. He knows what he is going to get, she knows and I know and we all enjoy it.

Thanks for sharing! I think that’s a easier said than done for most couples. Jealously is a difficult beast for most and if you’re insecure which is a lot of people then you just have a hard time with this idea.

I’m at a point where I know my wife and I are solid. Nothing could break us and I’m not worried about some guy ‘stealing’ her from me. So I get it. But I don’t think everyone does.

Anonymous said: We both love this. We now have a friend Rick, he owns a stretch limo service. We met when we hired him once. Some nights he picks us up. She wears a light coat and heels. I drive and he’s in the back. He licks her, she sucks him and then he fucks her. I watch in the mirror and on the camera. Then we swap and he drives. I clean her up and fuck her, then home. She walks from the car inside only wearing heels. He usually leaves then. We see him often for more but love the car ride.

Thanks for sharing! That sounds like an excellent little arrangement. Very very hot. You’re all lucky to have found eachother.

Anonymous said: Could you go into a little more detail about your conversation with your wife about her seeing someone alone? Thanks!

No real conversation just that she enjoyed being on her own with these guys on dance night. So in some ways she enjoyed being solo. But when we roleplay it’s always me right there with her so I don’t know what might happen if we were to move more from fantasy to reality.