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Sep 19

Anonymous said: DIldo buyer. Last night we had a talk about replacing a car that we both like but it's old and has lots of miles. It's a fun little convertible. I was being practice and say we needed something bigger and that the convertible was a toy. She smiled at me and said - I like toys. I replied well then this weekend we will have to get your toys out and play. she said - I hope so. I went instantly hard! The cooling off period seems to have paid off! I'm Excited for Saturday night!

Yes! That’s perfect. Great that she brought it up and you followed through and picked up on her lead. Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

Sep 18

Anonymous said: I'm going away on vacation again and that means it's time to take her dancing and let her naughty side come out to play.

Good luck!

Wife sexy pics

Hello I’m inquiring how to submit my wife pics and if I did would i be able to read the views and comments on it

I don’t regularly post solo pics of wives. Once in a blue moon I might if something about her strikes me or if it comes with a good story. But I wouldn’t count on it.

Anonymous said: When you are both comfortable in a relationship it comes more easily. I have shared my beautiful wife many times. She’s also had sex with men without me. Though the best for me was my last birthday. She had her lover and his visiting buddy. Her lover was bareback as usual and his friend played safe with a condom. I just watched and stroked myself until they rested. I then ate her which is bliss then fucked her. They then had her again while she sucked me back to life. Roll on this birthday.

Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a great relationship and a fantastic birthday gift!

Anonymous said: My friend who was married had another girl as a fuck buddy. He included me with her a couple of times. She and I started going out, moved in together and married. He was a bit disappointed at first but we still included him fairly often and the fun returned. A while ago his marriage turned to shit and then he started to demand more of my wife and other privileges. No longer fun so she ended it. I felt it had to be her decision. Pity it had lasted 5 years. Hope he gets happy again.

Wow, what a web you three spun! I think it might be best that he doesn’t return given his entitlement issues. The question is whether your wife would want to replace him with another stud for some threesome fun?

Sep 16

The “Slut’ Within

Hi. H.D again the writer of Fantasy or Reality and Risk or No Risk postings.

Your response to the Risk or No Risk article and in particular your comments appertaining to the point of people finding it hard to be more than one identity by expressing: “how can a woman be a good mother yet give her husband a blowjob in a public place” lifts the lid off a whole new level of turning a women into a hot wife.

I am sure there are many of the followers of this blog, not to mention the millions of men who don’t, who all share a common secret desire to see their partner taking an extra cock or two. It’s that transition from a mother by day to an unrecognisable ‘slut by night’ that is such an irresistible urge in all of us.

As much as we think they are the same person they are not. 

As I mentioned in the previous post, the difference between a woman who enjoys a good old MFM session and those who would revolt at their husbands very mention of the idea of MFM role play is purely down to a psychological difference and not a physical one.

The internet clearly demonstrates the endless number of women who are more than happy to display their sexuality by posing for nude snaps to hardcore porn. Is it for the money? Well for those select few professional porn models the answer is yes, but for the majority of the ‘everyday’ women whom are happy to display their sexuality for all to see the reward is in the sexual kick - the deviance of the social conventions.

Of course these ‘everyday’ women don’t want to be harassed by some pervert who has recognised them from the ‘net’ as they go about their daily business as he asks them if they want a ‘quickie’ in the supermarket car park. After all it is and it isn’t the same women.

We all have an alter ego, and for those who don’t know what an alter ego is I would strongly suggest you look it up. However, I can assure you that you have more than likely met your wife’s or partners alter ego many, many times without even knowing it. 

If you have just checked out what an alter ego is and come back to continue reading this post you’ll now know that that your wife’s or partner’s alter ego is the women who acts out of her everyday character - a totally different person to whom you know. She dresses and appears in many different guises, but for the purpose of this post and the subject of hot wives she is a ‘slut’ and a women with a totally different mindset to the everyday women who cooks our meals, washes our clothes, and tenders to our children. 

Her alter ego will only come out to play when it takes HER fancy and when SHE feels the time is right. - It’s not what you want, she’s in control, even if it means she wants to lose control. It’s her game and she calls all the shots.

So when you look at all these delectable everyday women that happily display their charms for all to see, or who indeed become a hot wife  and take more than one cock whether it be in role play or reality it is their alter ego at play.

I am sure there are many of those wishful followers now beginning to wonder if their wife or partner has an alter ego. Well of course she does. Who do you think is controlling her mind and thoughts when she’s secretly rubbing her pussy and having wild uninhibited fantasies? Do you think your wife or partner is dreaming of being made love to on a sheepskin rug beside a blazing fire when she’s having a wank? Of course not, she’s fantasising about having wild un-inhibitive sex. She’s being fucked in all holes, having her face and mouth covered in spunk and you know what???….She loves it.

But, and this is the big but….would she admit to you what she has secretly been dreaming of??? I think you already know the answer to that question.

So how do you coax your wife or partner’s alter ego out to play? How do you turn your everyday, devoted loving wife by day into a ‘slut by night’ After all isn’t she the one you want to play with?

It can be done, look at all the other women that have revealed the ‘slut within’ - You just never know who or where she could be. It could be the woman you’re standing next to at the checkout, or the woman at work. Like all women the one thing they all have in common is that they don’t reveal their ‘secret side’ - they don’t introduce you to their alter ego unless you know how to feed it’s desires and coax it from its lair.

Of course there is more to follow this posting, and I’d be happy to share my thoughts and understanding of how you can turn your wife or partner into the vamp you so wishfully desire her to be. But as this blog can only continue with the support and input from its followers I think you should at least be sending in some comments of how easy you turned your wife into a hot wife, or indeed what difficulties and resistance you are facing. After all this is a community to share our thoughts and to expand our knowledge.

Let’s get a good discussion started and let’s get an insight into what goes on, and off, in our bedrooms. Whether it be role play or real play come on guys put your fingers to the keyboard and tell us your experiences.

Do you want the next episode? …. Let me know.


Good stuff here but I think it’s more than just an alter ego. In fact, the alter ego to me is a different person. It’s the Hulk and not David Banner. Many people resort to an alter ego to explore their fantasies. A lot of men might have bisexual tendencies but only do so under an alter ego.

Because trying to admit that it’s part of YOU is vastly more difficult. But that’s where I think the path to really exploring this stuff happens. I could be dead wrong since I haven’t made it happen but I think being comfortable with the idea that you are a loving wife, caring mother and kinky woman all at the same time leads to a better result.

In some ways I think tapping into the alter ego is probably easier if you’re trying to persuade your partner to do this. You release it but then if they do anything how do they feel about it afterwards because like it or not ALL those egos have to live with it. That’s the issue I think.

Some might be able to compartmentalize but I hope my wife finally feels more comfortable with the idea that she’s a great wife and mom but also loves kinky sex. She’s said as much that sometimes she feels a bit guilty about getting off on certain things. She was talking about DP with me and a toy in this case. But that she knows she shouldn’t and doesn’t really anymore. 

I think accepting your WHOLE self might set folks free. I would LOVE to hear more from the husbands and particularly the wives since we’re talking about you when we might not know what the fuck we’re talking about.


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Sep 13

Action shot!

Action shot!