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Sep 12

toylovingclp said: Smoking hot roleply, my wife and I have been doing some as well. As to your question as to what it means? Wow, could be so many things or nothing! Could mean just what she has said I love playing at home but that's it or I think it means every time you do these things she is getting more & more comfortable with it. Your threesome prob won't be tomorrow or the next day... but I think it will be someday. Your thoughts?

Thanks! What do I think it means? I think that she’s probably surprised that she came that hard and she’s thinking about our sex without the role play which has been great but not like that. So I think she’s certainly thinking that doing these things heightens our sex life and she loves that.

I think she’s getting further confirmation about how much it turns me on and is getting more comfortable with the idea that it turns HER on too. That’s been an ongoing thing I think with her realizing that it’s not just doing this stuff to turn me on but that it winds up turning her on just as much and the massive orgasms sort of confirm that for her.

So I don’t think she’s thinking ‘because of this I will do this other thing’ but I think she it’s probably giving her more ideas about how far she could go with this, whether it’s in role play or going out and flirting. 

She seems pretty confident that I won’t get mad because of something she does which was an early worry so it’s really all about thinking about how much I want it (and she is seeing just how much) and her thinking about whether she wants to indulge that side of herself. The roleplay does help that I think. 

Anonymous said: Wow what a hot role-play!

Thanks and I agree! :)

Anonymous said: Dildo buyer... What you described in "the-other-night" is the entire reason i bought her the big dildo. If i had that, I dont know what else I could ask for - Congratulations! Gonna go reread it and JO imagining it was me and my wife!

Thanks! It was pretty amazing and I hope you get the same thing with your wife soon too.

Sep 11

The Other Night

So the other night we had a bit of roleplay with the 8 inch (and thick) dildo. The result was my wife having a really huge orgasm. And I also had a massive one afterwards.

Using the dildo we talked about how amazing it looked as she got fucked by a big cock. I told how hot it was to see her lips stretch around his cock. I got up next to her and kissed her neck as I slid it in and out of her pussy. 

She seems to feel a bit guilty at first feeling so good with that cock in her. “Oh god, he’s going to make me cum” she whines.

And I tell her that’s what I want to see and hear and that seems to be what she needed to hear because then she’s getting in a different position. She wants it from behind and she starts taking it really deep. 

"Oh fuck, you’re taking him all." i rasp.

She laughs a little devilishly. “You didn’t know I could take such a big cock huh?”

We keep going like that until she has a truly massive orgasm. Really really hard and keeps cumming for a LONG time. 

As she starts to come down from it, just laying there recovering I kiss her and tell her how awesome that was and how much I loved watching and hearing her cum on his big cock.

She’s concerned that I haven’t cum yet but I tell her that was more than enough. (My cock has precum oozing out of it anyway.)

But soon we’re spooning and she asks. ‘Don’t you want sloppy seconds?’

Fuck! So pretty quickly we’re positioning my cock and I slide into her very hot and different feeling pussy. I’m not sure I’d say loose but it was stretched and hot from that thick 8 inch cock going in and out of her for the last 20 minutes. 

'Can you feel how hot I am?” she asks. “Can you feel how that big cock stretched my pussy?” she asks. Fucking hell! Did she just say that? I go crazy and tell her I can and that it feels amazing and in the next few seconds start to cum and begin to fuck her as hard as I can and I keep going in such a frenzy that she cums yet again.

And then we’re done and we’re both spent but very very happy and we both comment the next day, her before me, how amazing the sex was. 

I don’t know if it moves anything further along into reality but it was just amazingly incredibly hot. 

Anonymous said: As a woman whose hubby has let her explore many of my fantasies, I know why Karen let Alex have his friend join them. I love my hubby dearly and always make sure he feels number one even when I am with a lover. I have been with 2 other men without hubby and did not care if or either man got the most enjoyment. She also called him and told him straight away once she did it which suggests to me that she knew her husband would be turned on by it which he was.

Thanks for sharing! It’s VERY nice to hear a woman’s point of view. And you’re right. She could have and probably did know that her husband would be turned on by her being with two other men. I made an assumption that perhaps he wanted to be there but it could just be the way their sexual relationship has developed.

What I really like that you make sure hubby always feels like he’s number one. I think the key is that you know you’re doing this to heighten your sexual relationship with your spouse. 

Of course the sex is pretty hot but it’s that you’re doing it ‘with’ your spouse that makes it mindblowing :)

Anonymous said: Dildo buyer. Nothing happened this weekend. I didn't push and had decided to wait before getting it out. We had errands to do with the promise of alone time after. One stop didn't happen. It was Dick's Sporting Goods. I innocently said, "we're not going to get to Dick's today" and her response was "I was looking forward to dicks--maybe when we get home" I went rock hard! That's as far as I can imagine she will go to ask. But we were tired so nothing happened. Encouraging for next time tho!

Glad nothing happened that weekend and look at what happened as a result. Personally I think it’s great that she was the one who brought it up again the next time. That means when you bring it up again it won’t be like it’s just you you you pushing it on her. 

So the next time you use it you maybe even mention that comment. I mean, telling her how hard that comment made you is important. Make her feel great about talking naughty like that.

toylovingclp said: To whoever wrote Our first fuck party, I think first time threesome stories where the wife doesn't know she is getting ready to have a threesome are the hottest! I sure would like to hear her side of the story!!!!

Risk or No Risk - That Is The Question?

Hi as the writer of the Fantasy or Reality submission I would like to thank and congratulate the person who responded with such an intellect and thought provoking reply. It is responses such as this that makes this blog stand head and shoulders above the rest. As he states it’s not about the pictures, which as well all know can be found in abundance on many a tumblr site, but more importantly it is our desire to understand our emotional and psychological behaviour that is the driving and stimulating factors towards wive sharing.

The responder brings to light may different aspects between fantasy and reality and maybe I should have titled the posting as Risk / No Risk and this depends on who’s eyes we are looking through.

Yes we all know there are risks attached to everything we do whether that be a simple drive to the shops or taking the deepest of dives to the bottom of the oceans, but the point I was making is the risk a woman must consider towards MFM sex, especially if being (gently) pushed persuaded or even manipulated by her partner, will be based on the time, devotion, loyalty, motherhood, success, wealth, social standing etc, etc that she has invested in the relationship over the many years of time together.

I think it is fair to say that if the roles of sexuality were reversed and it was women pushing us men to participate in extra marital MFM sex then the response would undoubtedly and completely be different in that we’d jump in feet first without a second thought towards the risk we were taking as we cry “bring it on”

For sure the world would be a far more promiscuous place and the description ‘slut’ would truly apply to us men.

So as intelligent (well I’m sure many women would contest that description) and considerate men we are, who have undeniable lustful urges we have to look through the eyes of our women in order to find the button and solution that unleashes those lustful desires that lays buried deep in the souls of our partners. 

We know those feelings are there, so how do you coax them out to play?

Do we approach it with the stick or with the carrot?

The stick is the manipulator, the push to fulfil our desires at the expense of the other and that’s where a woman will feel used and manipulated.

The carrot is the motivator and that’s where the secret lies in unlocking that desire. 

Motivate someone and they themselves will justify the risk for the joy and the pleasures they are rewarded with.

When you think about it what is the difference between those women that swing and those that don’t? 

The answer…. NOTHING other than their mindset and what they believe is right or wrong for them (high risk / low risk) In other words it’s a physiological difference and not a physical difference.

Change that mindset and you’ll change your woman and also change your life.

So the question is whether that change is for the better or for the worse…. And again that depends upon who’s eyes you view the risk through.

Reverse those roles of sexuality and the women could LOVE the attention of two or more guys and the man on the other hand could soon start feeling it’s a risk too far.

Are you prepared to let the genie out of the bottle?????


Excellent conversation going on here! I do think there’s a lot to be said for the idea that it’s a change in mindset. That there’s some pivotal way someone thinks about sexuality, their marriage or life in general. The question is how you help your partner to feel comfortable evolving. 

Or at least that’s how I see it. So many of us feel like we’re supposed to do certain things and behave in certain ways. It’s more difficult for some than others do break form these conventions. I think it’s far more difficult for women because of double-standards, safety concerns and the mindfuck of being a sexual creature, wife and mother sometimes all at the same time. 

Frankly, people find it hard to be more than one thing. How can I be a good mother if I like to give my husband blowjobs in public places? Of course you can but those are two different parts of your self and I think many people aren’t able to have the different parts live together. 

And finally there is some risk in everything but I’d like to think there’s less of it with a truly committed marriage. I don’t know, better doing this then cheating which happens all to frequently. Is it more risky to deny your sexuality and desires? I think it might. 

As for uncorking the bottle. I know I’m ready :) Looking forward to more conversations about this. The reasons why we want this and why we don’t follow-through on it are pretty interesting.

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