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Liked the recount about the guy who gets wanked and sucked by his friends wife. My wife does that for a friend whose wife is terminally ill. He gets nothing and it’s his only release. She won’t go any further and I am happy with that. As a couple we still have a lot of fun with this and if our friend didn’t need it anymore then I think that we may find someone else. She did this in her college days and is quite an expert.

Interesting! So you think once this friend moves on that she’ll still want to have this type of fun. Sounds very hot and I do wonder if this type of arrangement is a gateway to finally going further or not?

It nearly only happened once. We decided to take the big step and Sarah, my wife wanted it with someone she liked and had met before. We told the guy and brought him home. Sarah played up to him and they tore their clothes off. He pulled on a condom and lasted about 30 seconds. She never got to cum. I got him dressed and did the job on her. I knew what makes her fire. Now when we do it I take the lead role and make sure she is satisfied. That way I get to see her with him which is my win.

Performance anxiety I guess huh? I think some women might think that was a let down but others might think that they got the guy so hot that they couldn’t hold off. So a bit of an ego boost maybe. Glad you were there for your wife. That’s great to hear and the real important thing.


Hot fiancée


Just a quick update on my fiancées encounter with her new lover last Thursday. Originally, my fiancée was going to meet him nearer to where he lives, but like all the best made plans, this changed at the last minute and he travelled to our house.

They went to a local pub (bar) and had a few drinks and played some pool. During the evening, my fiancée says that he was rubbing his hand up and down her thighs and snatching very brief feels of her excited pussy. He was telling her what he wanted to do to her. My fiancée text me, to ask if it was ok for them to leave the pub and go somewhere quieter, ‘so they could have some fun together’. I agreed and that was the last I heard from her for nearly 2 hours.

The following is what she told me happened after I text back;

They went out to his car in the car park and sat in the back of his car. She started playing with his cock through his trousers. This became too much for both of them and he pulled a blanket over them both and she got his cock out and sucked him, in the car park of our local. They did this for a little while, until she had to feel his cock inside her. My fiancée took him to a local woods in his car and they parked up and carried on. He started to lick her pussy and then she continued to suck his cock. She told me that he is about 9 inches and quiet thick. This is thicker and longer than mine, but I do not find this an issue, as all I want is for my fiancée to have fun. She then got the urge to ride him, so she sat on top of him and took his cock. They fucked in his car, on the back seat, in the dark, in the woods. He finally came inside her, bareback. She was still not finished with him and sucked his cock clean. It was as she was doing this, that a car came along and disturbed them. They decided that it was time to leave. Her lover asked if it would be ok if they came back to ours and see if I would want a threesome. As this was their first meet, she declined this offer. He brought her home and left. My fiancée came straight upstairs to the bedroom, where I was waiting. She took her knickers off and I could see from the stains in them that he had pumped a load into her. That was enough for me and I had to fuck her.

They have since arranged to meet up this Thursday, (tomorrow), and have a meal, followed by going to a hotel room. This time, my fiancée has promised to call me whilst they are fucking and send me pictures, something that they could not do last week, due to telephone reception problems.

All week they have been texting each other and my fiancée is so horny, as am I. She keeps asking me what I would like her to do him and what pictures I would like her to send to me.

Her lover has also spoken to me and asked if we would like to go to his for a night of fun. My fiancée and I spoke about this and after the excitement and fun we had at our last threesome with her other lover, we couldn’t say yes quick enough.

We will keep you updated about not only tomorrow night, but our up and coming threesome. Hopefully, I will be able to upload some of the pictures that she sends tomorrow night.

Keep safe and enjoy life.

Thanks for the update! Sounds like you’re getting exactly what you want and you two communicate quite well. When do you officially put that ring on her finger?!

We've had several mmf and mfm experiences, mostly with people we've known a long time. A friend stayed over last night, a friend we've had in our bed. Anyway, he stayed over due to his bathroom being rebuilt. It wasn't going to be a play date. She woke when we heard him showering. She asked if I thought he'd like a shower companion. I said go ahead. The water wasn't on long when they both came to our room. She wanted to try something new. She jerked us both onto her pussy then we dp her pussy.

Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

I agreed to help a guy from work with his pool fence. His wife is French and I had met her a few times. She is very attractive and is in her late 30’s I would think. She speaks good English but still has the foreign accent. He had shown me photos and short vidoes of her nude and masturbating on his Iphone. He told me he also had movies of them fucking at home. I hoped to see them.

I went there on a Saturday and sadly she was out. We worked on the pool fence and concreted new posts in. When we were finished I had a shower and cleaned up and he asked me if I wanted a drink and to watch one of their movies. I jumped at the chance. He said his wife would not be home for another 2 hours.

The movie was just as he said it would be. He had filmed her undressing and playing with herself and then used a tripod when he joined in. They played to the camera and he fucked her in many different angles. I got very aroused and he obvious did too. He said it would be alright to wank as he often did when alone. We did. It was a bit strange at first but I soon lost all self consciousness and enjoyed it.  We came about the same time and cleaned up and had a drink.

I thanked him for showing me and I agreed to come back next Saturday to help him put up the remained of the fence.

The next Saturday his wife was out again and I was disappointed as I wanted to see her in the flesh again after seeing her being fucked on the movie.

After we finished and I showered he asked me to stay for another movie which I excitedly agreed too. As soon as it was playing I took my hard cock out and started stroking myself.

We had only been at it for a few minutes when his wife walked in behind us. I was embarrassed and my cock started to shrink. She said not to worry and to keep doing it as she was flatted that I found her so attractive. After a minute or two she said that maybe it would be better if she helped.

She sat between us on the lounge and took a cock in each hand and stroked away.

He put his hand under her short skirt and into her panties.  She said he was naughty and so I didn’t do anything except watch the movie, then her and enjoy the massage she was giving my cock.

He came first and then I did.

As we cleaned up and got dressed she said that her husband had told her what happened previously and she had arranged with him to text her when we were about to watch the movie. She had wanted to stroke us off. She said that she never minded some playing but full sex was out of the question.

I thanked them both very much and went home.

Two weeks later he invited me over for a swim now that the pool was fully operational. I arrived but never got a swim. It was her that suggested watching a movie and when he turned it on she asked me if I would like to see her naked while we played around. She reminded me that we would only be playing and not full sex.  I readily agreed.

She sat between us again and he immediately started to suck her nipples. She grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy. I started to finger her as she played with my cock. I then bent over and licked the top of her legs and they spread to give me more access.

I shifted and knelt between her legs and pushed my tongue into her juicy hairless pussy. She squirmed and pushed back into my face. I put all my best efforts giving her an eating which I hoped she would remember. She groaned and said things in both English and French. That spurred me on even more.  I pushed my hand up between her legs and pushed one then two fingers into her.  I pumped my fingers in and out as I licked and sucked her clit. She came over and over again and my face was flooded with her juices.

Eventually she took my head in her hands and pulled me into her and held me still. She had had enough. She relaxed and then untangled herself from her husband and helped me back up on the lounge.  Then she knelt between my legs and took my dick in her mouth. She knew how to suck cock. She put her hand at the base of my cock and each time she sucked back her hand followed her lips. Then the hand went back to the base followed by her mouth. It took every bit of control not to cum quickly. Don’t laugh, I did mathematical equations in my head to distract from the ecstasy I was feeling.

After about 5 minutes I let myself go.  I didn’t want her to get tired and lose interest.  I came hard and it seemed forever and each time I squirted she gulped and swallowed. What a lady. When I was done cuming and lost a bit of the sensitivity, she then licked my cock and balls clean. I noticed her husband had cum while she was swallowing mine.

She then got up and got us all a drink and stayed nude as we sat and talked. I asked if she would do anything to her husband and she said he would get his later.

After my second drink I thought I should leave so I got dressed. She walked me to the door still naked and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said thanks. I said no thank you.

That was two weeks ago. My friend and I have talked openly at work. He is very happy with what happened but hasn’t said anything about if it will go further or if I will be invited to back.

I know I haven’t had full sex with her but what we did was unbelievable and I am just hoping that I get to do something again with her soon.


Thanks for sharing! Very lucky guy and very hot situation.