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Dude what's this about your wife being topless around other men? When did this happen.

We’ve been to a few nude beaches where she’s gone topless. :)

She likes it as much as me. A friend has a large power boat for deep sea fishing. His wife will not go on it. He started taking me and my wife out. After a few trips we all got bolder and ended up nude and then fooling about. Then one day while I was driving he fucked her below. We then progressed to them fucking in front of me and then both of us taking turns with her. She loves the attention, I like what she is getting, he can’t get enough of her and the boat is a bonus.

Sounds like a lot of fun! Something about being out on a boat makes more things seem possible to me. Sort of freeing. Thanks for sharing!

My wife and I have had the luck of finding a couple great men to play with her. She had always been standoffish about it but finally agreed. She would always tell me that I was the perfect size and didn't think she could handle more. One perfect night one if our friends unleashed a monster into her and she made the most beautiful noises. She no confesses to loving big cock and asks me to find a boyfriend for her to match her needs. The search is still on but I have finally got what I wanted.

Thanks for sharing! Sounds a good deal like my wife. I think it must be amazing to be a wife and to realize you can share your sexual lust (for other men) with your husband and know that he’ll support and get off on it. Congrats and keep on searching.

I love your blog. Ive been following for a long time. Just wondering if you've ever considered having your wife write you stories about your fantasy? My girlfriend knows of my desire to share her and although she says it will never happen, she's still OK with the fact that I fantasize about it. I asked her to write me a story about me sharing her with another guy. She did and it was such a turn on. Just reading her words about pleasuring another man was so hot. Ever consider it?

That is an excellent idea! I just might try that. THANK YOU for the suggestion.

Married 30 years and the wife had her first extra cock on our honeymoon. He was a barman at the resort. She liked older guys then but now as she gets older likes the younger ones. She still looks very fuckable and we live in a college town and has no trouble getting plenty of young ones. After all why would any young guy turn down a free fuck with no strings attached. I join in sometimes, some I’m there and watch, some from another room. If they are new she does them alone first.

Wow. So it’s been part of your marriage from the start! That’s different. I don’t think I could have done that on the honeymoon. Though I was already getting off on guys watching her go topless so who knows!?

Sounds like you’re both getting exactly what you want and if you’ve been together 30 years it certainly hasn’t hurt your marriage! Congrats and thanks for sharing!

Had a disappointing Saturday night. We went clubbing, wife pulled 3 guys who were all over her and they fingered her. She was dressed really hot and lost her panties. But none would come home with me there. She had a regular guy but he was army and has moved away for at least 2 years. So have resorted to pickups but they are hit and miss. She misses the pounding of 2 sizable cocks at once. Best thing of the night was after I got out of the taxi she flashed the driver as she paid him.

Well that would have been crazy amazing for me! But I get that you’ve been used to the real thing and those close-calls can be frustrating. I think there are WAY more men who are freaked out by the idea of the husband being there than those who think it’s cool. I hope you find some luck soon.

Do you look at or watch porn with your wife? What does she like? Does she get off on, or is curious about, the whole BBC thing?

Yes. I share porn with her and we watch some porn every now and then. She likes to see penetration and seemed to really enjoy seeing one gal getting DPd the last time we watched a movie. Curious about BBC? I think so. A little and warming up to the idea of enjoying bigger and not being afraid that I’ll feel bad about it.