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Wife talking to husband…

Okay. Here’s a few I re-found, but there’s one on tumblr somewhere, that is short, and so hot, it’ll have you sweating. The wife is so sweet and sexy as she tells her husband how good her lover feels inside her, and what he’s doing to her.

Still looking for the others I’ve seen. I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for sharing! Some of this is a bit too harsh for me but some of it is super hot too. It’s a fine line for me. I love the idea of my wife telling me how good another cock feels in her, how a bigger cock feels stretching her and making her cum but not so much her telling me I’m not good enough or can’t since that’s not true. I like when a wife talks a bit dominant but not over that line. I think that’s what makes this genre so tough is everyone has different limits. 

BUT keep them coming PLEASE.

Actually, there are some vids out there of the wife talking to the husband as she is getting laid, but they are scarce it seems. If I can find the few I've seen, I'll send you the links.

Oh please do! Thank you.

Hoping to go all the way

My wife and I have been together for over  years. This is her second marriage and I know her first hubby was very big (yes she told me a few years ago after she had a bit much to drink). I have encouraged her to cuck me for years and I am thinking I am finally getting close. She started teasing me about my cock size (I am just over 5 inches) and saying that bigger is definitely better. I constantly have her imagine taking a bigger cock when we have sex and she LOVES it. I had her look at a few hotwife sites and I think she is ready to take the next step. I am getting hard just thinking about it! Love your blog!

Thanks for sharing! Sounds like she’s been working up to things and testing out whether you really wanted this or not. Having her look at hotwife sites is a pretty big step but having her go out and do anything with another guy is the biggest leap. I hope it happens for you. Please keep me updated!

Also, backseat Hotwife fucking in a PARKED car at night is a reality, super hot, includes more than only a BJ and is still never done right in vids either. Most don't have the realness to them that we appreciate. An improvement here is needed as well!

Ha! Yeah. that’s a tough one to film though. If you’re the hubby parked are you watching in the rearview or turned around. Even if you are turned around and filming the angles probably aren’t that good. Honestly, I’d just love a wideview video of it all with sound enabled. Very few of these episodes are seen and you know they happen more often than most realize.

Agreed with your piece of lack of proper Hotwife vids. We're no longer an active couple but I (the hub) love the lifestyle. But finding quality amateur porn on this subject is impossible! I enjoy being the dominant one. Seeing her gorgeous body take some strange dicks (w/ condoms) was really great. Being the last one of the night to stick that sweet, puckered up pussy then dropping both barrels in her bareback making her all messy was even better! I hope someone makes something w/ such variety.

What is frustrating for me is that there is generally a lack of talking. Now, I get it. You’re getting fucked and you’re both turned on something fierce so you might not say stuff. But of all the hotwife stuff out there can’t at least a few actually be vocal? Can’t one wife actually look over at hubby and ask if he likes watching her getting fucked? That’s the stuff I want to see. The interaction between the husband and wife as it all goes down. 

I'm going on vacation again, the last time I went away your wife went dancing and got felt up. I'm doing my part, time for her to do her part. lol

I like the way you think. Have a great vacation and hopefully the same thing will happen while you’re gone! :)

When will you guys be able to go out dancing again?

Working on that. Some logistics to figure out but hopefully one of the next four weekends.