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The Other Night

So the other night we had a bit of roleplay with the 8 inch (and thick) dildo. The result was my wife having a really huge orgasm. And I also had a massive one afterwards.

Using the dildo we talked about how amazing it looked as she got fucked by a big cock. I told how hot it was to see her lips stretch around his cock. I got up next to her and kissed her neck as I slid it in and out of her pussy. 

She seems to feel a bit guilty at first feeling so good with that cock in her. “Oh god, he’s going to make me cum” she whines.

And I tell her that’s what I want to see and hear and that seems to be what she needed to hear because then she’s getting in a different position. She wants it from behind and she starts taking it really deep. 

"Oh fuck, you’re taking him all." i rasp.

She laughs a little devilishly. “You didn’t know I could take such a big cock huh?”

We keep going like that until she has a truly massive orgasm. Really really hard and keeps cumming for a LONG time. 

As she starts to come down from it, just laying there recovering I kiss her and tell her how awesome that was and how much I loved watching and hearing her cum on his big cock.

She’s concerned that I haven’t cum yet but I tell her that was more than enough. (My cock has precum oozing out of it anyway.)

But soon we’re spooning and she asks. ‘Don’t you want sloppy seconds?’

Fuck! So pretty quickly we’re positioning my cock and I slide into her very hot and different feeling pussy. I’m not sure I’d say loose but it was stretched and hot from that thick 8 inch cock going in and out of her for the last 20 minutes. 

'Can you feel how hot I am?” she asks. “Can you feel how that big cock stretched my pussy?” she asks. Fucking hell! Did she just say that? I go crazy and tell her I can and that it feels amazing and in the next few seconds start to cum and begin to fuck her as hard as I can and I keep going in such a frenzy that she cums yet again.

And then we’re done and we’re both spent but very very happy and we both comment the next day, her before me, how amazing the sex was. 

I don’t know if it moves anything further along into reality but it was just amazingly incredibly hot. 

As a woman whose hubby has let her explore many of my fantasies, I know why Karen let Alex have his friend join them. I love my hubby dearly and always make sure he feels number one even when I am with a lover. I have been with 2 other men without hubby and did not care if or either man got the most enjoyment. She also called him and told him straight away once she did it which suggests to me that she knew her husband would be turned on by it which he was.

Thanks for sharing! It’s VERY nice to hear a woman’s point of view. And you’re right. She could have and probably did know that her husband would be turned on by her being with two other men. I made an assumption that perhaps he wanted to be there but it could just be the way their sexual relationship has developed.

What I really like that you make sure hubby always feels like he’s number one. I think the key is that you know you’re doing this to heighten your sexual relationship with your spouse. 

Of course the sex is pretty hot but it’s that you’re doing it ‘with’ your spouse that makes it mindblowing :)

Dildo buyer. Nothing happened this weekend. I didn't push and had decided to wait before getting it out. We had errands to do with the promise of alone time after. One stop didn't happen. It was Dick's Sporting Goods. I innocently said, "we're not going to get to Dick's today" and her response was "I was looking forward to dicks--maybe when we get home" I went rock hard! That's as far as I can imagine she will go to ask. But we were tired so nothing happened. Encouraging for next time tho!

Glad nothing happened that weekend and look at what happened as a result. Personally I think it’s great that she was the one who brought it up again the next time. That means when you bring it up again it won’t be like it’s just you you you pushing it on her. 

So the next time you use it you maybe even mention that comment. I mean, telling her how hard that comment made you is important. Make her feel great about talking naughty like that.

To whoever wrote Our first fuck party, I think first time threesome stories where the wife doesn't know she is getting ready to have a threesome are the hottest! I sure would like to hear her side of the story!!!!
Risk or No Risk - That Is The Question?

Hi as the writer of the Fantasy or Reality submission I would like to thank and congratulate the person who responded with such an intellect and thought provoking reply. It is responses such as this that makes this blog stand head and shoulders above the rest. As he states it’s not about the pictures, which as well all know can be found in abundance on many a tumblr site, but more importantly it is our desire to understand our emotional and psychological behaviour that is the driving and stimulating factors towards wive sharing.

The responder brings to light may different aspects between fantasy and reality and maybe I should have titled the posting as Risk / No Risk and this depends on who’s eyes we are looking through.

Yes we all know there are risks attached to everything we do whether that be a simple drive to the shops or taking the deepest of dives to the bottom of the oceans, but the point I was making is the risk a woman must consider towards MFM sex, especially if being (gently) pushed persuaded or even manipulated by her partner, will be based on the time, devotion, loyalty, motherhood, success, wealth, social standing etc, etc that she has invested in the relationship over the many years of time together.

I think it is fair to say that if the roles of sexuality were reversed and it was women pushing us men to participate in extra marital MFM sex then the response would undoubtedly and completely be different in that we’d jump in feet first without a second thought towards the risk we were taking as we cry “bring it on”

For sure the world would be a far more promiscuous place and the description ‘slut’ would truly apply to us men.

So as intelligent (well I’m sure many women would contest that description) and considerate men we are, who have undeniable lustful urges we have to look through the eyes of our women in order to find the button and solution that unleashes those lustful desires that lays buried deep in the souls of our partners. 

We know those feelings are there, so how do you coax them out to play?

Do we approach it with the stick or with the carrot?

The stick is the manipulator, the push to fulfil our desires at the expense of the other and that’s where a woman will feel used and manipulated.

The carrot is the motivator and that’s where the secret lies in unlocking that desire. 

Motivate someone and they themselves will justify the risk for the joy and the pleasures they are rewarded with.

When you think about it what is the difference between those women that swing and those that don’t? 

The answer…. NOTHING other than their mindset and what they believe is right or wrong for them (high risk / low risk) In other words it’s a physiological difference and not a physical difference.

Change that mindset and you’ll change your woman and also change your life.

So the question is whether that change is for the better or for the worse…. And again that depends upon who’s eyes you view the risk through.

Reverse those roles of sexuality and the women could LOVE the attention of two or more guys and the man on the other hand could soon start feeling it’s a risk too far.

Are you prepared to let the genie out of the bottle?????


Excellent conversation going on here! I do think there’s a lot to be said for the idea that it’s a change in mindset. That there’s some pivotal way someone thinks about sexuality, their marriage or life in general. The question is how you help your partner to feel comfortable evolving. 

Or at least that’s how I see it. So many of us feel like we’re supposed to do certain things and behave in certain ways. It’s more difficult for some than others do break form these conventions. I think it’s far more difficult for women because of double-standards, safety concerns and the mindfuck of being a sexual creature, wife and mother sometimes all at the same time. 

Frankly, people find it hard to be more than one thing. How can I be a good mother if I like to give my husband blowjobs in public places? Of course you can but those are two different parts of your self and I think many people aren’t able to have the different parts live together. 

And finally there is some risk in everything but I’d like to think there’s less of it with a truly committed marriage. I don’t know, better doing this then cheating which happens all to frequently. Is it more risky to deny your sexuality and desires? I think it might. 

As for uncorking the bottle. I know I’m ready :) Looking forward to more conversations about this. The reasons why we want this and why we don’t follow-through on it are pretty interesting.



Excellent page. Good to see so many like me like to treat their wives to extra cock. We live in UK. I’m 66, wife 52. She has always up for it, I’m slowing. Solved, she now has two chaps about 40, both married but looking for more. They work local in jobs which lets them call to see to her. They phone and pop in for an hour. She never will have them together but often in the same day. I often watch or listen. It can stir me on to continue with her after they leave. She is a prize.

Thanks for sharing! Glad you are both enjoying things and know you’ve got quite the lady.

Our First Fuck Party

For reasons I can not explain, I had the strong desire to watch my wife have sex with another man & to join them in 3 way action. I’m not gay & have no desire to inner act with a man, I just felt 2 men could give a woman much more pleasure than one.

I am also a voyeur & love to watch people having sex, so watching the woman I love being pleasured was a big turn on for me. Every thought I had of some man doing my wife gave me a raging hardon. I never had a particular person in mind, just a faceless body pleasuring her body in every way.

I had tried on several occasions to entice her into fulfilling my desires, to no avail. She came from a very religious family & was very old fashioned about marriage & sex. I had just about given up on my dream being fulfilled, but this one fateful day came around & the following is a true rundown of that day & evening.

One Sunday afternoon my best friend dropped by for a visit & we sat around listening to some good country music. We were having a few drinks.  Al didn’t drink very often so she got a little high rather quickly. The combination of alcohol & the music made her loosen up a little & I got the feeling that maybe I could get her to progress toward some party sex.

Danny was a very good looking guy & I knew he had the hots for my wife, I had never told him of my desire to watch her fucked by another man or even mentioned him to Al as a man to party with. I knew she liked him as a friend but doubted if she ever thought of him sexually.

We had both been dancing with her all evening & I could see the higher she got the looser she was becoming. I could see her lightly pushing herself into him as they slow danced & I could see the bulge in Danny’s pants & was sure she was feeling his cock rubbing against her.

Finally I decided it just might be a good time to try for a party as she was plenty loose & giddy, I took a deep breath & said “hey guys why don’t we play a game of strip poker & liven this party up a little” I almost fell over when she said ” OK it sounds like fun, but only down to our underwear not all the way” I said sure at least I’ll get a little hint of having my desires fulfilled.

So pushing it forward I suggested an adult version of spin the bottle instead of the cards as we were all a little drunk & probably couldn’t hang onto the cards & shuffle them. They both agreed that spin the bottle sounded like fun. I laid out the rules, since there were only three of us, one would spin the bottle then whoever it pointed to got to tell one of the other two what they had to do.

Since it was strip spin the bottle the person being told what to do had to remove another persons article of clothes & to do it in a way that would be hard to do ( like use only one hand, behind your back, using feet, teeth, etc.) anything to make it fun & hard to do.

Lucky me I got first choice as the bottle pointed to me, I told Danny he had to remove Als blouse while they were sitting on the floor back to back. Since he could not see what he was doing his hands were coming in contact with her perky little tits an added bonus was the fact the blouse had lots of very small buttons to undo so it was going to take a while. I sat & watched as his hands brushed her tits again & again. I was getting turned on watching him with Al I started rubbing my hard cock, as Al saw me rubbing myself a cute little smile crossed her lips.

I got the feeling she was enjoying the touch of his hands. I told Danny to be nice now & don’t be trying to grab a hand full of her tits. He just grinned & said you mean like this & filled both his hands with her tits. A soft moan escaped her lips & I watched as she pushed her chest into his hands, I thought damn I may get my dreams filled after all, I sure did not expect she would respond like that. Finally he got the blouse off & the game continued soon we were all down to just our underwear. Al said OK games over we are all down to our undies & that is as far as I’m going,

My mind raced for some way to keep things going, so I said nope not yet we are not even, me & Danny only have one piece of clothing on, our shorts you have two items on so you have to lose one more item to be fair. She hemmed & hawed a little bit but with a little prodding by both me & Danny she finally said alright let’s continue but if I have to lose one more item you guys do to, I said fine but we will be totally nude, so you have to get that way too. After a little more pushing she finally agreed.

The first spin the bottle pointed at me so I had Al remove Danny’s shorts by being on her knees in front of him & to only use the thumb of her left hand. She knelled down & started being right handed made it a little harder for her as she was pushing & pulling with one hand trying to get his shorts over his hips I could see Danny’s cock getting bigger & bigger. Soon she slid his pants off his hips & leaned in toward him to get a better position to pull the back down. As his shorts slid over his throbbing cock it flipped up & slapped her under the chin. We all laughed as Danny stood there with his hard cock right in her face & she said “Damn Danny why did you hit me in the face” He replied “I was looking for a hole to put it in” We all had a good laugh over that one.

Next I lost my shorts so here we are two totally naked men with stiff cocks & a hot little babe in her bra & panties. Al spun the bottle & it pointed at me so I told Danny he had to remove Als tight little bikini panties with his hands behind his back & use only his teeth.

Danny knelt in front of Al starting to try to get hold of her panties I warned him to not get hold of her skin & bite her cause if he did she would have to pull her panties up & he would have to start over, we laughed as Danny kept trying to get those tight panties in his teeth without biting her.

I could see the passion building in both of them as Danny tried to get those panties off, of course being a normal man Danny was taking full advantage of the situation nuzzling her mound every once in a while, once he put his mouth fully on her mound & pushed his face into her little cunt. An ever so slight moan escaped her lips & I watched as she pushed back into him.
It took several minutes for him to get them down & I kept hearing soft little moans from her as he nuzzled around her hot little cunt.

My cock was about to burst I now knew there was a great chance I would at long last get to watch as my baby is kissed, licked, stroked & fucked by another man. Finally with nothing but a bra left Dan got to call the shot. He had Al sit on a small foot stool & I was to stand behind her & remove her bra using only two fingers,

Danny sat cross legged on the floor right in front of Al & watched as I tried to remove her bra, I pretended I was having problems, I could have had it off in seconds but I drug it on for several minutes, my hard cock poking Al in the back, Danny sitting on the floor in front of her staring at her juicy little pussy & stroking his rock hard cock. He was getting hotter by the second & so was she, she started to slowly open her legs a little & close them back, then open again I watched as she squirmed on the stool moving her legs open more & more.

Finally I popped her bra loose & pulled it off her tits I grabbed both of Al’s wrists & held her arms above her head, saying there you go Danny a nice view of her sweet titties. She didn’t seem to mind & even moved around a little & pushed her chest out towards Danny. He took a quick look but his eyes were more or less glued to her sweet pussy as she was still slowly opening & closing her legs.

I asked Danny if he would like to give her cunt a few licks, he replied he would love to so I told him to spread her legs & kiss her pussy. She cried out no!! and closed her legs Danny looked at me & I said go ahead kiss her hot cunt. Danny reached down & gently pulled on her legs I was shocked to see how fast she spread wide open for him.

Danny started to work on her hot cunt Al was moaning & thrusting into him but at the same time she was trying to get her arms loose from my grip & saying no! no! no! she fought harder & harder so I decided I’d better let her loose after all I wanted a fun party not a rape, However all the time she was fighting me she was thrusting into Danny’s hot mouth. I let go of her wrists & stepped back expecting her to jump up & start reading me the riot act, I figured the party was over.

What happened next blew me away, I no longer had a hold of Al yet her arms were still in the air flailing away as if she was still being held, still saying no! no!  no! but still humping Danny’s face. She was only fighting me at the same time spreading her legs farther & farther apart & humping Danny harder & harder.

I decided she was so damn hot she was not really aware of what she was doing,I knelt down, held her in my arms gave her several kisses & started sucking & kissing her titties, all the while Danny is really giving her hot cunt a good going over. I suggested we all go to the bedroom, Al huskily breathed hell yes, she jumped up from the stool grabbed me & Danny by the cocks & led us to the bedroom.

She climbed on the bed laid on her back spreading her legs saying, here you go Danny & to me, she said You get my boobies & lips for now. There we were my dream world come true, my hot wife laying on the bed opening her hot cunt to my best friend & wanting me to kiss & hold her.

Danny buried his throbbing cock in her juicy cunt thrusting away like a jackhammer, Al was shoving her pussy up to meet every stroke & started having massive orgasms, one after another. I was totally shocked at how much raging passion she displayed, all due to a strange cock filling her juicy cunt.

Needless to say it was a fantastic night. Danny & I did any & every thing to my hot little wife’s body that night. I can’t tell you how many times she was fucked but Danny & I both filled that hot cunt several times. When it wasn’t being fucked it was being licked, kissed, sucked, fingered.  We gave every inch of her body all the pleasure we could muster for over six hours.

Danny was a great partner to share my wife with & we continued to party with him for several years, he had fucked Al well over a hundred times in that time, as he spent more time with us than with his wife. He would come over 2 or 3 times a week and almost every weekend, The nights were 2 or 3 hour party sessions, but the weekends usually lasted all day and well into the night.

Fun story!

You said that your wife made a comment about every women wanting to be a "naughty girl" this sounds like a good role playing idea. Tell her you want to play with the naughty girl this weekend just the two of you and some toys. Maybe you can get her to put on a show for you.

Yes. Not a bad idea. This weekend was crazy but this week and weekend I can definitely see this happening. I think I figured out which dildo she uses when she masturbates now too which is fun.

Dildo buyer here. Bought flowers, lots of things done at home, wine bought, dinner planned for tonight. I've been spending lots of effort to bring back the feeeling when we younger. If thing go well maybe we can get the dildo out again and I can share her with the dildo tonight or this weekend. I love how she looks when she cums so hard on the big dildo. I wish I had enough cock to do that to her. But i do have a good tounge that gets her off really well.

Good to hear from you but hopefully you didn’t break it out again. I’d wait another week before I did. Going slow and having her not feel like that’s your motivation hell maybe even having her ask for it is where it’s at IMO.