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How are things going with your wife? Any role-play since the last outing and when's the next outing?

Things are good. A bit confusing but good. So here are the details. 

We went out last weekend and had a very fun evening. She was in one of her moods and as we were drinking and talking she said there was a part of her that wanted to do things and other that told her she shouldn’t. Now that conversation happened as we were leading up to going to THAT club. 

That’s right, she was totally into the idea of going to the club and dancing even though earlier that night she told me the only reason I wanted to go was to watch her kiss other men. So I was pretty sure something was going to happen! And then our night got sidetracked. I won’t go into details of why but we just couldn’t get there. 

The next night she offered to go after we’d been having some fun at home. We were both on the fence about whether to go or not and in the end decided not to. There was a part of me that wanted to but another that thought it would look to desperate and it was too forced. 

But that night she talked about whether she could fully satisfy me given my desires. We almost talked about it but then we started fucking. We had some amazing sex. And the things she said made it seem like she knew how badly I wanted to see her with other men and that she wasn’t sure she could do that. 

Maybe I was reading into things and hoping for things but it felt like she was on the edge. That she was saying she might not be able to but with some coaxing and some pushing she might. That in her weak moments, in those times when that side of her won out maybe she’d do it.

Since then she’s made an offhand comment here and there about dancing at the club so I fully expect we’ll get there soon. I just need to make the time and get her in the ‘zone’.

Love the blog! Looks like u could start connecting people near by and share stories lol! Meaning couple post their location anonymous and people in the neighborhood post like for the couples to then privately connect with them. Could be fun ;)

Ha! I don’t want that responsibility! I mean, it sounds cool but then someone figures out who it is and things go haywire and I have enough to deal with figuring out my own situation :)

Looking at hubby as she slides down on a thick new cock.

Looking at hubby as she slides down on a thick new cock.