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Any significant discussions with your wife recently? Is she still keen / open to pursue this fantasy in real life?

No significant discussions lately :( Though she mentioned she’s far less reserved then when we married. An offhand comment but telling I thought.

How do I get my conservative, historically horny wife back into the game? She thinks because we have kids, we must act accordingly. I married a sexy beast! Where did she go???

Yeah. That’s a tough one. I think women have it so much tougher. How can you be a loving more, faithful wife and horny slut all at the same time? It’s a lot to balance and some just feel like they can’t. 

Talk about it. Make her feel good about herself. In my expeience it’s mostly about self-image and self-confidence. So work on that and then you might get your sexy beast back.

Both our second marriage. Wife 39, I’m 47. Tried a third person twice. Then a friend of the family who works on oil platforms came to stay. He works 3 weeks then has 1 week at home. He is 33. No other relationships except his own hand. We both have her together and he has her as much as he or she wants in his week with us. He has a lot of stamina. He is a nice size and he will do anything she wants. We have 3 weeks of normal life then 1 week of anything goes. It does work. All very happy.

Sounds like you both were seeking something like this and then this guy fell into your laps. Very hot. I hope it doesn’t get too predictable or that no one feels responsible for doing anything in that one week. But if all those things are avoided that’s a pretty sweet set up :)

I am looking to get my wife a massage and hopefully that gets her turned on to fuck the masseuse. Has this worked for anyone

This seems to be the thing most guys try and I don’t think it has much success. But who knows.

It never ceases to amaze me how some guys SAY they want to see their wife enjoy herself with another guy, yet they get jealous and possessive if she does something with her lover they consider out of the ordinary. Or she hasn't done for them. Guys, if you can't stand the heat. Stay out of the kitchen.

I sorta agree. I mean, you have to know she’s going to be different with other men. That’s just the reality. And in doing something so lustful, so taboo, with that line crossed she might just do things in the heat of the moment. I think that’s the hottest part myself but I know some seem to take it personally. If that’s you, then you might just want to keep this a fantasy. 

My wife has worked out who our fuck buddy is. Although she doesn't fancy him she still wants us to have our threesomes as she likes the way he fucks her. I asked if she still wants to be blindfolded & she dose. She likes us both to come inside her now & occasionally treats him to anal which he loves. He comes loads & has it leaking from her for days. She has said that she would like to try three men, the only problem with that is where to find someone who is as trustworthy as our fuck buddy?

I thought she’d figure out who it was. Women are good like that. Sounds like she enjoys the freedom the blindfold gives her and wow, another guy to the mix. Finding safe, trustworthy dudes is always tough I think. I’m hoping you do find one tho!

A few years ago my wife told me of her college life. She had plenty of casual relationships but no long termers. She shared an apartment with her really good friend (best). He was gay. He had no interest in women but if she wanted it, he would lick her to make her cum. She would suck him off in return. He was ok with that. A mouth is a mouth. After college they stopped doing this but since finding out I have encouraged her to do it again. He knows I know and want it but they haven’t done it yet.

That’s a new one on me. Thanks for sharing!

I am 46 and hubby is 55. He is very happy for me to have sexual freedom with who I like. He does not want to take part but insists I am open about it. He also insists any lovers are younger than me. Much younger is better. I will go to their place but hubby really likes them to see me here. He makes himself scare. Its a second marriage for both of us and we are very happy. When we are alone our sex life is excellent and frequent but I love my freedom.

Sounds like you’ve found what works for you both. Thanks for sharing!