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I have been in relationships or call it arrangements for about 8 years. I have been fucking the wives of 2 friends continually. I can have a wife nearly as often as I like. If I haven’t been there for a week then I get a call to see whats wrong. The two couples don’t get together only me with them. I can have the girls by themselves or as a three way. We are all happy so why change. If one of my friends goes away on business they make sure I am around.

Thanks for sharing. I guess there’s something to be said for trust and consistency. But I don’t think I’d want a ‘regular’ for that long myself. Variety and spice and all of that.

"what constitutes a "Hot Wife" ? Women's sexuality could be viewed in degrees, like temperature, starting from frozen to boiling. How temperature is your wife. How hot would you like her to be? (And yes, shared fantasies can be as hot or even hotter than the real thing.)

Very true and I am totally aware that I’m VERY lucky that my wife is as playful as she is just with the shared fantasies and role play. 

So, yeah, she’s hot. But if we’re going with the temperature thing then I guess she’s not sizzling or blazing hot yet ;)

What defines a 'Hot Wife"? Could a woman who is happy to use toys and role play MFM scenarios and openly talk about her fantasies of being used and fucked by other men with or without her partner being present deemed as a 'Hot Wife'? Or is a 'Hot Wife', in the true sense, a woman who actively takes additional lovers with and without her partner being present. It would be interesting to hear your take on what constitutes a "Hot Wife" -- Super blog keep up the great work.

Well I try not to get too hung up on the words that describe all of this but in my mind being a hot wife means you’re actually following through on the fantasy and doing things. 

But that does beg the question as to how far a wife has to go to qualify. Does my wife qualify because she got groped and kissed a few guys while dancing? 

In the end I think I have a very hot wife but I wouldn’t tell people ‘in the lifestyle’ that she’s a ‘hot wife’ because that seems to mean she’s the type of woman who will suck and fuck other men. 

Think cheating is a bit strong. You may also be right and the husband knew about their secret meets and got off on that. But if he didn’t then he was getting his threesome and watching someone fuck his wife. She gave him all that but missed the ass work and the kinky foreplay. Cheat or not no one got hurt and everyone got what they wanted. Thats important.

No. Because it’s a ticking time bomb if the husband finds out and gets hurt. If you decide to pursue this as a couple you need to do this as a couple.

Been following your blog for a while. Love it keep it up. My wife and I finally decided to make our own. Check it out!!


I teamed with a guy I worked with and fucked his wife. First time when we stripped her I went down on her and then lifted her butt and gave her arse a good licking. The guy asked what I was doing. She told later that he would not fuck her arse and she loved it from previous boyfriends. He didn’t like licking her pussy either. So I would meet her on the quiet, lick and fuck her, both holes without him. We still did the threesome thing for about a year. I could not believe he wouldn't do it.

Not cool that you went behind the husband’s back like that. Though perhaps hubby really did know and they weren’t telling you. But if it was on the down low that’s just cheating :(

Missed out

Been at my girl for ages to have another man. All she ever said was maybe. Then she told me recently what had happened about a year ago at a business party when a project team she was part of was splitting up. She had the hots for one guy, they had been working together for 4 months. She had often spoken of him about thinks that happened at work.

 After some drinks they were alone. They kissed, he felt inside her bra and played with her nipples. Then he had his hand up her skirt rubbing her panties covering her pussy.  He was sliding his finger in under her panties when the others called out and then found them. By then they had straightened up and nothing more happened.

She admitted that she was in the mood to let it happen and she would have let him fuck her. She was very sorry. It had worried her for all that time till she told me.

 I was beside myself and was all over her and asking more details. She was a bit shocked at my reaction even though previously I had told her I wanted her to have someone else.

I asked if she would have used protection. All she could say was that she doesn’t carry any because she never thought she would need it or do that sort of thing. I asked if he had any and she didn’t know. She then admitted that if they had not been stopped then they would have fucked anyway. This made her even more sorry.

She doesn’t know where he is now as he has left the company where he used to work. Both she and I have tried to find him without any success.

I feel that both she and I have missed our opportunity for her to have another man and for me to know she has. My dream was for her to experience someone else and then maybe include me and go from there.   Marc

Thanks for sharing! I don’t think you really missed out unless you just leave it like this. You’ve got something to work with, to talk about. I mean, she was pretty darn close so isn’t it just about confirming that it’s both something you’d want to have happen when the RIGHT guy comes along. Shouldn’t your discussion be about what that guy might look like, be like, and how to find him?


I told you in another post that my wife was supposed to go out with some friends she used to work with. As it turns out those plans began to crumble. She asked me if I would please take her out if things didn’t pan out with her friends. Of course I agreed.

Over the course of the next few hours…

So hot. So amazing. Congrats!

Dildo Buyer Update

I made up an email because ask stopped me and was in such small bites to give you the entire story… just ignore those other asks the entire story is here.

Dildo buyer.  Saturday was a 95% success.  We were supposed to go to the nearby lake and take out boat out of the water and get it ready for winter.  When we got there it was warm and the sun was out so our plan to do work and then have and early dinner with wine and play got changed. 

Instead, it turned out to be the best possible day - we spent more time than I can remember floating in the boat drinking margaritas and talking about all sorts of things that we haven’t talked about for years but mostly we talked about sex.  Margaritas are a lubricant for my wife.  We talked a lot and covered lots of topics from the toys and playing with them and why I like it.  It confuses her why I like it so much.  It’s hard for me to fully explain but I explained it was a lot more dick than I could offer her and she frequently repeated that my dick is fine for her and I thanked her for that. 

My dick is a pretty average - 6” not super wide but with a big head and it has always gotten the job done.  But I said it was much more I wanted her to have than just “bigger” dick it was her experiencing new levels of pleasure and I wanted her to have as much pleasure as possible.  The talk lasted some time and eventually lead to us both admitting to threesome fantasies of all kinds but mostly of me talking about wanting her having two cocks at once. 

I explained that was the reason I bought a dildo with a suction cup - so “we” could both do her at the same time.  We talked about our ex’s and guys that had hit on her and opportunities with girls I’d had since we’d been together (I never took them and neither had she).

That led to me telling her if they hit on her she she should flirt and seriously consider going for it, I just wanted and needed to be a part of it if she went all the way.  I even mentioned going to Hedonism in Jamaica to make the threesome fantasy come true in an environment that would be open to the idea and she even left the door open when all she said was, “Well, we’d better not come home having some disease we have to take a bunch antibiotics for!”  All the talk and the margaritas led to me fingering her to orgasm in the boat although I wanted to do much more but she wouldn’t have it.

Well, the day in the sun and lots of margaritas was an amazing thing.  The day could have ended  there and it would have been happy but it wasn’t over yet.  

We eventually got back to the house sunburned and pretty drunk and she got in the shower.  I told her I’d work on dinner and she should relax after her shower and “get to know” her toys better.  She agreed and I got started cooking. 

After she was out of the shower he yelled from the shower for me to help her. The dildo has a remote control vibrator in it that wasn’t working and she was trying to figure it out.  I messed with the wire which had become frayed and it sorta worked but we have a couple small vibrators I got her too so she decided to just play with those and the dildo. 

I went back to cooking dinner and after a 10 minutes or so I look in to see her with the butterfly vibrator and she had the big dildo next laying to her.  I should have left her alone to play but I was overwhelmed by the sight so I turned off the stove and went into the bedroom. 

It was amazing - she worked the butterfly for a while while I watched and then I lubed up the dildo replaced the butterfly with it.  She seemed to be really enjoying it and I was wound up like I can’t remember when.  I was sliding fat 7 inch dildo in and out of her and it was going most of the in - certainly further than I could go and she was moaning like mad. 

She said she wanted me and earlier I had talked about switching between guys so “she could go all night”  and that’s what I thought she wanted so I pulled out the dildo and slipped my cock in her.  I was hard as a rock and super excited and stroked until I though I would cum if I stoked once more.  I didn’t want to cum yet, so I pulled out and put the dildo back in her. 

I held it in front of my cock and used my body to push it in and held on to pull it back out it was like “I” had the big cock and was fucking her with it.  She seemed to be enjoying it but then it happened — she seemed to just freak. 

She almost started crying and was on the edge of tears.  I didn’t know what to do so I just stopped and pulled out the dildo.  I asked if I hurt her with the dildo but she said no.  I held her for a long, long time.  

Eventually she started kissing me we made out for quite a while.   I decided to try and eat her pussy.  She loves to have her pussy eaten so I did my best to make it good for her - flat tongue with long slow licks switching to quick flicks to her clit, then licking her from her asshole to her clit and long deep probes tongue fucking her pussy.  It went on for a long while with her enjoying it and grabbing my head pushing up her hips. 

I decided to try again and got the dildo from beside her and slipped it in and she moaned hard.  She pushed up with her hips and I even licked her clit while fucking her with the big dildo.  She was seemingly on fire and then after several minutes of this it happened again. 

She freaked and told me to take it out.  I did and she pushed me away.  I tried to hold her but it was over.  My balls were under amazing pressure and she said she wanted me to fuck her and rolled over.  I was still very hard and slid inside her from behind but I was really concerned about her freaking out and I felt like it was a mercy fuck for me and I went soft and just quit.  The night was over.  We held each other and fell asleep with her hand holding my cock.   

We had to get up early to do the work we didn’t do when we were floating but we both said how great the day before had been and she even made a snarky but positive remark about the toys while I had them on the sink washing them up. 

While it didn’t end perfectly I still think it was a huge step in the right direction because we got so much out on the table.  Her emotional conflict was kinda crazy for me but I know she knows that I love her so much it hurts even if she doesn’t understand my kinky desires.  Hell, I’m not fully sure I understand it.  

I think we probably covered more ground in a single day than she could handle or maybe it brought back other memories that I she hasn’t shared with me.  I think I need to repeat the cooling off period now and let her her it up again.  Still the day on the water was amazing and she has said that several times.  For me and at least part of the time for her, the sex was great while it lasted….I have to go JO cause now I’m all worked up again thinking about it! 

Thank you for sharing! So I would definitely go with another long cooling off period. The time on the water sounds like a really awesome experience of connecting on a very intimate level. That’s what happens when you share your sexual secrets and talk openly. Awesome to hear this.

The breakdown seems like either a conflict of her own sexuality (liking it but thinking she shouldn’t like it) or that she’s uncomfortable doing it FOR you, basically doing something she’s not totally on board with. But her comments after the fact making light of it seem promising in some ways. 

Did you ask about what the breakdown meant for her? What it was about? Tough subject but really the BIG question.

Keep connecting and keep having fun! Thanks for the update!

I would like to think I am training my young wife but I fear it is me who is adjusting to her wants. She is 15 years younger than me. We have friends over mainly male but some with partners. We have a pool and Carlie wears only bikini bottoms, a G. Its white and when wet, see through. She is smooth and you can see her slit. She has played before in a previous relationship so I think its possible that we are heading there. She says not but she enjoys the show.

Well, the question is whether you want something more to happen? If you’re reading this Tumblr the answer is probably yes so why not just chat with Carlie and see where both your heads are at :)