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The eye contact and look she gives!

I want to watch my wife have sex with another man and him to cum inside of her. My wife knows this I say it to her sometimes while having sex she ok with me saying this, am I weird or is it wrong to think like this I cant help how I feel

Hey, whatever turns you on turns you on (within reason ya’know). And this is TOTALLY within reason. No one gets hurt. You get off on the idea of watching your wife fuck another guy and to have him cum inside her. You probably want to see the cum oozing out of her pussy and may want to slide in for sloppy seconds. I’m right there with you so I don’t think it’s weird or wrong it just is what gets you hard. 

Met my wife while casually fucking her sister. She married after us but never lasted. She wanted children but missed out. My wife suggested that I father one for her. Friends knew that I had fucked both sisters. I got bold and agreed only if my wife have a MMF with another guy. She eventually agreed. Have had 3 different guys. Now settled on one when we want him, about once a month. The sister knows nothing of this. She had her child and pregnant again. I fuck her regularly. My wife insists I do

Well, I try not to judge but this is pretty out there for me and I wouldn’t want to create an ultimatum to get my wife to try this. Seems you’ve got a unique situation.

i have a few Hot pictures of my wife i want to post . How or where should i post them,I wish i could get her to Fuck another man while i watch and then fuck her my self giving her a great multiple cream pie

Get yourself a Tumblr and post them. Or go to Imgur and upload them and share them with whoever. Lots of places.


Real is hot

Real is hot

I'm in the same boat with you. Mine comes hard when we fantasize about it but is reluctant to actually do it. I think she suspects that I'm hoping it would eventually lead to me being able to have some strange of my own in front of her. I can't honestly say that she would be wrong and that that is not my motivation. I'm just not sure.

Interesting. Maybe she senses that and that’s why she’s holding back.

I know mine got into it more when she really knew and believed that it was all about me watching her with another guy. I don’t want another woman. Not looking for that at all. Just want to see my wife experience everything she can and have amazing orgasms.

How hopeful are you that she'll finally take the plunge and become a hotwife? Or have you accepted that it will mostly just be a fantasy?

I still think the odds are long but I think there’s a slim chance that she might take the plunge and do it. I am pretty certain she’ll flirt, dance, kiss and get groped again. Whether that leads to something more I can’t tell.

I get mixed signals but lately I feel like the odds are slightly higher even though we’ve struck out going out lately. I think high single digits that she does it but that it’ll remain a big part of our fantasy role play in bed and that’s pretty fucking hot as it is.