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How do I get my wife to be a Hotwife we talk about it she gets off but she will not ask to make the next step she is a good girl but does have a naughty side

If I knew my wife would have been a hotwife already. Patience, communication, build her confidence, show you love her, put yourself in situations where she can flirt, watch porn with the theme. 

I’m slowly getting there but I’m sure it’s different for each couple.

Another does this qualify... When we were dating there was a big fight and she went home for the weekend to make me think about the fight. When she got home she made it clear without saying it that she went out to the bars and got laid. I fucked her for all I was worth to make her mine again. I still think about that more than 20 years later.

Sure it counts! The question is whether you tell HER that you still think about that event.

Hot fiancée


Just an update on our journey into the exciting world of hotwife.

We have had a quiet time since my fiancées last adventure a few months ago, but that will hopefully change this weekend. We are having a weekend away and we have decided to have some fun, so to Craigslist we have gone. My fiancée found a cock that she liked the look of and made contact with the owner. We have arranged to meet up on Friday for a drink and see how things go from there.

We will update you and hopefully have some photos to share.

Keep safe and live life to the full.

Thanks for sharing and a great last line there!

Hello! I have submitted a couple of my photos to you. Although I'm not married a series of circumstances have helped me make a decision to become a "Hot Wife" or at last a "Hot Girlfriend." I would love to hear your fantasies about your wife doing this. It would help me as I venture into this unknown world. Thanks! Rachael

Well, what don’t I fantasize about. I love the idea of watching and hearing my wife with another man or men. Generally I like the idea that they’re a bit bigger and longer lasting.

I envision her sliding her lips down a thick cock as she looks me in the eyes, then popping off and asking me “Is this what you wanted to see?” Then watching her go back to getting as much of his cock down her throat and her finally getting him to cum, spattering her gorgeous face with jizz and then turning to kiss me passionately. 

That’s a start I guess.

It happened

My wife and I have played like you many times with toys and talk.  Sometimes me being a new lover or her a hot neighbour that was looking for some extra.  All fun. I always said if she saw someone she liked then I would not be jealous. She always said she didn’t need anyone else.

She loves sex and started young at 14 and had many boyfriends.  She knows what she enjoys. She has told me a lot of what she got up to, she knows I enjoy it and we have a lot of fun with it.

When she was 16 at high school she was very friendly with a teacher who was 30. He was good looking and very cool. They got close but he rejected her advances for legal and professional reasons. That disappointed her but as she got older she realised he was right.

A couple of years ago she met him in Cosco. She was then 33 and he 47. He was single again and they talked for a long time. She told me about it and mentioned that he was one that got away.  After meeting him all her young girl thoughts returned and she wondered what it would have been like.

I told her if she wanted it to get together with him then go for it.

She thought about it for a few days before calling him to meet for coffee to talk about it and see if he was interested.

I knew when she was meeting him and suspected things would move quickly so I made sure that when I got home that our children were at the grandparents place. I was correct as she got home just as I arrived. She told me straight up that they had gone to his apartment and had sex twice. She had let him have her without a condom as she felt it was safe enough.

I hugged and kissed her and immediately took her to bed. I went straight down on her and licked her whole crutch. She has never let me lick her butt but there was no resistance this time. I must have stayed down on her for 20 minutes then gave her a good fucking.  She can be vocal and really was this time. We rested and talked then we fucked again.

She told me that sex with him was ok but not like she thought it would be.  He did not do oral on her and but he was impressed when she sucked him hard again before their second coupling. She loves oral and I do that to her a lot.

She saw him 8 more times before she told him that it was over. She made sure that we had thing organised so we had time together just like the first time after each meeting. Reality out time together was much better than meeting him.

She said she would remain friends with him but no more sex.  Really she was disappointed that he was not more exciting and not the great sex machine that she had envisaged.

I too was disappointed as I had visions of being there for a threesome but that never happened.

She has said she owes me and one day will give me a surprise. She is really happy that it never changed our own relationship and that I was not jealous. She says I am many times a better lover than him.


Thanks for sharing! That’s a very interesting experience. The grass isn’t greener and you can’t go back is the moral I guess. Sad that you weren’t able to watch or have that threesome. But perhaps this opens things up and you can do that in the future.