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The waiting is tough

No one wants to see their wife enjoy a man in front of their eyes any more than I do. To put it lightly, not a day ever passes without thinking about it several times. My wife allowed me this privilege 2 times and all I can say is that it’s not over rated. It’s one thing to watch porn and quite another thing to see watch the woman that you idolize, cherish and love fuck another man. I have read countless articles from sperm wars to “having homosexual tendencies”.

I know my desires are deep rooted and best intended to my wife and I have no desires for men sexually. To say that this subject is complicated is an understatement. I know what like minded men go through on this quest and also understand that the things that enter their minds do so with no fault to them. I believe that most men have these desires but the individuals that don’t give in to societies guidelines are more apt to fail to keep these feelings suppressed. This is what makes it so complicated.

Women don’t generally have these desires and are conditioned to attempt monogamy and really have to wrestle with the unorthodox thinking that their man want to see them with another. My wife was in her twenties when she did this. Being young I think she did it 80% for me and 20% for her out of curiosity. They were both hung, I made sure of that, with the last one being in the monster class 10 1/2 inches. Due to a great deal of patience on the behalf of the man she took all but about an inch. I am wired right for this as I never had a ping of jealousy and only admired the sexual creature I had married.

Now a mother, half way through her thirties and still hot as hell, she is a really tough sell on this. I have resorted to encouraging her to have sex without me present. I did this about a year ago and to this she did not say no as she did countless times to letting me watch her again. It’s been a year and she has not yet taking me up on my offer.

I encourage her to dress provocative when she leaves the house and she enjoys that. I encourage her to go out for drinks with both men and women by herself and while she enjoys the sense of freedom so far hasn’t exercised it. She works where she is the only woman and I am sure that she gets plenty of attention but she is home every night like clockwork.

I know from reading this blog for over a year that you will say this is not for you and that this is something you must do together and I of course wish very much I could have it this way. However no is no and I am sure if she comes home late some night and lays next to me freshly fucked with a spark in her eye I will get a major woody and most likely some amazing sex. And if I am lucky I will show her my commitment to her to the level that she will want to give me the opportunity to witness the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life again. In the mean time she gets to enjoy her sexuality if she so chooses.

To those that remain frustrated remember that it could be worse, she could cheat.

Thank you SO much for sharing this! Wonderful description of the desire and the conflict women have in realizing this fantasy. And while I do want to be there to see my wife I might, like you, take what I could get if my wife showed interest in playing alone. Not sure but it’s a powerful think and I do idolize and cherish my wife and would want to support her if she wanted that. Don’t think that is her thing but never say never, right?

I hope something more happens for you and thank you for sharing your insight and experience. I think it’ll help a lot of readers.

Big mistake. It took a long time to convince her and finally with plenty of drinks we took a young to our hotel room. It was good and so was he. He fucked her good, 3 times to my 2. Next day she was never going to do it again. Once was enough. She said I had had my thrills. But by that night she wanted to find him again. This time I took photos on the phone. Showed her next day and she exploded. Said I made her cheap. I deleted them. That was 18 months ago. Now trying to convince her again.

Thanks for sharing and sorry to hear. That’s the thing though I think it can be very difficult for women. They have husbands who are telling them it’s okay to do this to give in to temptation even though they feel like they shouldn’t. Then when they do you have to be SUPER careful. It’s not about the sexual enjoyment afterwards it’s how they FEEL about it. That’s why every time we explore, even in role play, I follow-up and tell her how much I love her and I get more romantic than erotic. Seems to be working but everyone is different.

At least you’ve got the memories and there’s no real problems with the marriage. So that’s still pretty awesome.

Recently while out with my wife we met an old girlfriend. She was pretty wild then. I used to take her out in my van with my friend. We would both fuck her and then she would fuck herself on the manual shifter while we recovered and did her again. My wife knew about this. She and my wife got on well and talked about me, other guys and other things they had done years ago. She is married with kids just like us now. Don’t know if anymore will happen but hoping.

Thanks for sharing! I think finding another woman who has done this, though not while married I assume is a good thing. It shows that women can do those sorts of things and still be wives and mothers. Maybe they’ll egg each other on and you’ll find her wanting to explore more. Or at least I hope so for your sake. Even if not, pretty hot to have that sexual tension heightened.



The eye contact and look she gives!

I want to watch my wife have sex with another man and him to cum inside of her. My wife knows this I say it to her sometimes while having sex she ok with me saying this, am I weird or is it wrong to think like this I cant help how I feel

Hey, whatever turns you on turns you on (within reason ya’know). And this is TOTALLY within reason. No one gets hurt. You get off on the idea of watching your wife fuck another guy and to have him cum inside her. You probably want to see the cum oozing out of her pussy and may want to slide in for sloppy seconds. I’m right there with you so I don’t think it’s weird or wrong it just is what gets you hard. 

Met my wife while casually fucking her sister. She married after us but never lasted. She wanted children but missed out. My wife suggested that I father one for her. Friends knew that I had fucked both sisters. I got bold and agreed only if my wife have a MMF with another guy. She eventually agreed. Have had 3 different guys. Now settled on one when we want him, about once a month. The sister knows nothing of this. She had her child and pregnant again. I fuck her regularly. My wife insists I do

Well, I try not to judge but this is pretty out there for me and I wouldn’t want to create an ultimatum to get my wife to try this. Seems you’ve got a unique situation.

i have a few Hot pictures of my wife i want to post . How or where should i post them,I wish i could get her to Fuck another man while i watch and then fuck her my self giving her a great multiple cream pie

Get yourself a Tumblr and post them. Or go to Imgur and upload them and share them with whoever. Lots of places.