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RE: the post about your wife and you talking it seems to me that her bad girl side comes out after she’s been drinking.  It’s nice to know that she has these desires but it’s kind of hard for you to talk to her about it when she’s in that state, If you push too hard when she’s like that she is likely to be mad the next day saying that you took advantage of her.  Maybe you could just tease her and ask if the bad girl would like to come out and have sex with you for a start and take it from there. I think you need her to realize that not only are you OK with her bad girl side but that it turns you on.  Just my 2 cents.  Good luck!

Yes. I’m aware I need to be careful there. She knows the bad girl turns me on but asking her to come out to play more often might be a good thing. Thanks!

I wish you success with your wife. I was and she took to it. I never try to or suggest restraint, I let her have it when and how she wants it. If we meet someone then he is like a new toy and maybe she will see him a lot at first. At the moment she has a guy that we get together with. Its the 3 of us then I let her have him alone and let her wear him out. She says he’s the best yet. I measure success seeing her happy and doing things she never dreamed of. Its a winner.

Thanks for sharing! I like the end there where you connect it to her happiness and seeing her do things she never dreamed of. I think that’s sort of the mind blowing thing when you start exploring this stuff. You realize you can do all these things and still be okay. Still be you. 

Hope you're enjoying your roller-coaster ride of recent weeks as much as we are! I've often wondered what will become of this blog if (sorry! when! ;) your fantasy is realized... I trust you recognize how delightful the tension of waiting and wondering and yearning is, and savor it, because everything afterwards, while (hopefully!) wonderful, will be different... we can never go back to the sweet time before our "firsts", whether it's the first kiss, first love, the first... Make the most of it!

Thank you! It’s been a good outlet for me and in the process I hope others enjoy it or that it helps them on their journey. I am definitely enjoying the journey there! I sort of wish there were a few more ups but I have no reason to complain :)

Have you thought maybe going about it a different way? Maybe you’re wife put the brakes on your fantasy because she’s too anxious about being with a total stranger. Maybe if she was comfortable with the other guy then the chances may be greater.

I wrote about my wife inviting her friend over for her first mfm. Since then he has been over once more and we have also been with two other couples. (Group play. No swapping in different rooms)

Once she met the other guys she was more comfortable with things progressing. She made sure to tell me nothing will happen with a stranger or on a first date with anyone.

As always, communication is key. Let her know that you would still love to see your fantasy become reality. But instead of with a stranger, maybe with a friend that she could first become comfortable with. 

It’s worked for me. My wife has slowly opened up to the possibility of meeting people and over a short period of time, having some fun with them too

Thanks for sharing and congrats on exploring! I think the issue here is that if we tried to go the ‘friendly’ route she’d think too much and get cold feet. Doing it that way means you’re more committed to doing it and she isn’t there yet. She seems to be on the fence depending on her mood.

Now if we get another dance night and she flirts, gets felt up, makes out with other guys there and she sees that I react well and she feels good after THEN the next step might be doing something more direct.

Licking her tits while she licks a new cock.

Licking her tits while she licks a new cock.