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Unfortunately nothing happened on Friday. We meet a lovely chap, but both my fiancée and I didn’t feel 100% comfortable and decided not to go ahead. We both believe in instinct and if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. It hasn’t put us off using Craigslist again though and we will be looking at postings for another meeting and possible fun.

Take care and have fun.

Thanks for sharing and awesome that you trust that instinct and go with safety over lust.

Our or my experience is that a lot of women (wives) find the idea of a lover or threesome desirable but a nervous and scared about being found out by family, friends. I got nowhere with my wife until we went away alone on a holiday. Now it’s a regular thing, we go 3 times a year. She won’t even use or carry her own cell phone. We have cheap throwaways to we use. If we hook up good with a guy we may see him 6 or 8 times and he will have that number. We’ve done threesomes and loners, just perfect.

Interesting. I know there’s something to that with my wife and our dancing. Going somewhere and letting your hair down without anyone knowing who you are might help.

Years ago I crewed on a 50 foot yacht round South Pacific. The couple were n their 40s, I was 19. I fucked the wife and he did too but really liked to watch. Sometimes I had her 4 times a day. He would steer and we would fuck beside him. She had the first shaved cunt I ever saw or fucked. I kept in contact with them all these years. He has gone now and she is 81. Recently she told me he had over 70 lovers while they married. I was one of the few she still knew.

Thanks for sharing! And that’s a pretty amazing experience and great that you were able to learn about her adventures in total. 70 is a lot! But it sounds like they were together for a long time and enjoyed their time to the fullest.

I knew from the start I would never enough for her. She has had many lovers and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I still get slightly jealous and anxious when they kiss her on the mouth and linger. I also know that when she is sure of someone and its no more condoms then the bar is lifted and there is competition to please her between me and the other male. They are usually around for a while. I’m not worried she will ditch me, its just he is getting exactly the same as me.

Thanks for sharing but you sound rather conflicted about it all. 

Remember me, I asked the does this Qualify. You wondered did she fuck me and the other in the same day. Yes, I used to see her at weekends, we live 60 miles apart. She would spend Thursday night with him, fuck him instead of breakfast, then meet me that night and fuck. Thats as close as we got. She says she only kept fucking him because he was so good at it and she didn’t want to lose him until she was sure about me. He was actually at our wedding, I didn’t know he had been dicking her then.

That’s pretty hot! Getting two cocks in a day and knowing you were sliding into her after she’d fucked another guy earlier that day. Love that she says how good this guy was too. Feels like you could explore some themes there with her ;)