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So is your wife mad about your continued fantasy or is she just putting the brakes on it? Has she initiated any role play?

Not mad, no. Brakes. Yes. No initiated role play yet. I mean, we did do DP with the vibrator the other night but no role play with it. I’m hoping she brings it up next time - I want her to be the one to initiate and get it going again. I have to hang back so I’m not over-doing it.

For "I'm a wife". I'm a "husband" and though I can't speak for your guy I can say from experience that I only admire her more after watching her with another man. Being on the same page is worlds away from having your wife cheating behind your back, Its just a lot different. This is for you two not for the 3rd. The 3rd is getting laid and should be thankful for that. So he might as well be a cyborg. What ever floats your boat! Communicate, communicate, communicate did I mention communicate?

Totally agree!

Does your wife know about this blog yet? Would she freak, or would she be cool? I've sent in some stories about my hotwife's adventures before, and she was ok with it, as long as there are no names mentioned. She prefers to keep her anonymity, because of her job. She hasn't been with anyone for a while, but I'm hoping she'll get going again. I miss the excitement.

No. This is my little guilty secret and personal outlet. I think she’d freak a bit but wind up being okay with it. But we talk a bit about there being some secrets - some things you keep to yourself - so I feel okay about this particularly because of the general anonymity. Like you, no real names. And if I ever thought someone was prying I’d just shutter the blog. 

Sounds like you’ve got a great lady. Even if she doesn’t again you can relive those old adventures. But hopefully together you can create some new ‘hot’ memories.

Never thought about wife sharing or watching until I remarried. She was also married before and was shared. She enjoyed it but her husband wanted more as time progressed. First they had MMF and FFM which Jess enjoyed then he wanted more guys and he only watched. Then he would be tied up while other guys had her. She was ganged without him there. He also wanted her humiliated in public and on display being fucked. She left him, we are happy but she is nervous to start again.

Thanks for sharing! And that’s quite an extreme trip she took with her ex. I can see how she’d be worried about the fantasy just escalating from one thing to the other. Searching for that next thrill. 

But to some degree she probably wanted it. I mean, you don’t do a gang bang just for someone else. Or, if you do, that’s not right. It has to be something you enjoy and get off on. So perhaps she had some submissive issues or the ex was abusive in some ways - manipulative, emotional etc.

I think you’d need to talk to her and tell her that some of the stuff she did with her ex turns you on and that you’d like to explore that together but that it would always be something you did as a couple. That you made the decisions to do this or that and that either one could stop it. 

And she’d need to see that you didn’t want to escalate and take the reality of things to the levels that turned her off. I feel for her because she’s been down this road and gotten burnt and while some of it probably got her off and she may even crave some of it again she doesn’t want to wind up with the same result.

I'm a 'wife' and we have these types of fantasies often. I cum so hard and squirt all over when I'm riding him and we're talking about me sucking and fucking other men. I really want to make the move and do it, but I'm intimidated by what will happen after. We have a very secure relationship, but I'm afraid he'll look at me differently after. I'm also not the skinny, tiny type of woman. I am a curvy MILF and I'm somewhat intimidated by going out to meet men. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for sharing the female point of view and I think you bring up two HUGE things that hold women back.

'He'll look at me differently after'

Well, yeah. He might. I mean, you don’t just go and do this and have it be ‘nothing’. Part of the reason why it’s so powerful is that you’re seeing someone you love doing these things. But different doesn’t mean bad! it might be awe or lust. But I think you need to have that conversation. I think you need to really be clear and let him know that fantasy is different and that he’ll need to be comfortable really seeing another cock in you.

So going slow and doing just a little bit. Maybe getting fingered or giving a handjob and seeing how things go would be smart.

'intimidated by going out to meet men'

Ego is a fragile thing. Totally get that. But you know what. Fuck them. Be confident and have your husband nearby. You can always just go home with the man you love. I know that’s a bit of a letdown maybe but there are going to be assholes who will try to make you feel bad but there are plenty of guys who would be totally into you. Many actually dig those curves. So, don’t let other people’s opinions hold you back.

Don’t know if this qualifies. I dated my wife for about 8 months before getting serious. Saw lots of each other and spent weekends together. I really fell for her and we moved in together 4 months later, married a year later. She told me a couple of years ago that she was fucking another guy right up till one month before we moved together. He was never a boyfriend just gave great sex, particularly oral. I have asked if she wants someone else or wants to find him. She hasn’t said yes or no.

Thanks for sharing and I’d say it qualifies! Sounds like she’s a pretty sexual woman and I think any woman who was doing this type of stuff when she was younger may consider it again. I’d encourage her to tell you stories about the guy. Did she ever see you both on the same day? Was it a thrill knowing she was with this other guy? How did she feel? Finding some of those things out and showing how much it turns you on (I figure it does) may lead you to talking about what could happen now.

Hubby watching while wife gets a facial? Sounds amazing to me!

Hubby watching while wife gets a facial? Sounds amazing to me!

It’s a natural part of our lives

We have been married 19 years and together 2 years before that. My wonderful wife has exercised her sexual freedom 2 years after we were married. Until recently she has had 9 different men in all that time. None of these have been one night stands or one timers as that’s not what she seeks.

She must be attracted to the person and goes through a sort of selection and seduction of either him or her before she lets it happen.  All men are single as she will not have anything to do with married men. Also this extra sex has all been with protection as the men are single and she knows and encourages them to see other women as she may not see them very often. Before anything starts they know she is married to me and that I am included otherwise it goes no further. These terms have never been rejected or caused any concern to her choices. These relationships usually cover years before tings change or she tires of them. She has had 2 different men in one week but then again has gone 6 months without anyone but me. This is regulated by having family and other commitments. She has had all these men both with me joining in and with them alone. We are both comfortable with either scenario. Both enhance the highly sexual being that she is.

Recently a girlfriend that she knew in college died from the big C. We had been friends with her and her husband Matt since they married. Matt nursed her for 5 years before she died.

3 months after her passing we took 2 weeks and flew up to spend some time helping him move on. My wife has always had a soft spot for him and told me she may make a move on him to help him “get back on the horse again” so to speak.

It was the second day we were there that Matt admitted he had not had sex in 3 years. My wife told him plainly they we were there to help. Matt was stunned and unsure what to say so I said to both of them that they should enjoy themselves and got up and went for a walk.

I returned about 90 minutes later. My wife was in the shower and Matt met me at the door.  He was smiling and nervous and apologising for what had happened.  I reassured him all was ok and went to find my wife.

She told me that he had fumbled to get himself undressed and only just touched her pussy before mounting her and lasting about a minute. She calmed him down and sucked him back to hard again. He fingered her for a while until she came then entered her again.  This time was better and she came again and a short while later he did also.  She had showered as he had made such a mess in and on her. This was the first time another man had cum in my wife since we were married.

We then went out for a meal and some shopping and when we returned my wife asked Matt if he wanted her again. He did and I once again excused myself but only stayed away about 45 minutes. This time when I returned they were just lying on the bed relaxing.  I stripped and started to kiss and play with my wife.  I didn’t go down on her as the creamie thing is not for me and she was very wet with her juices and his cum. I played with her clit then entered her. She cums easily and she got off twice before I came. It was hard to hold off as the slippery feeling of their combined fluids was a new and exciting experience for me.

Matt slept with us that night and next morning was ready for more. This time I went first and Matt followed.  He had no problem with her used pussy.

For the 2 weeks we were there she gave herself to Matt as many times as he wanted it. Sometimes he went first and sometimes me. My wife does not do anal. We have tried it but neither of us think much of it. She loves the 2 man scenario with one fucking her while the other caresses, kisses and plays with her.

It was a fantastic experience for us to have someone like Matt who we trusted cum in my wife. She feels different about him than any of the others she has had.

When we left Matt assured us that he would be active in looking for casual sex but he still has lots of feelings for his wife.

He phoned to say that he indeed has scored with one lady so our trip worked. He is flying down to see us soon and obviously for more of my wife. We no doubt will go up and see him.  I hope it continues at least for a while.

She has not seen anyone else since our trip and she was involved with one guy for quite a while before our trip. She says it does not compare to what happened with Matt. She simply told the other guy she was too busy to see him.          

Thanks for sharing. You sound very open and accommodating, that’s for sure. I wonder if the emotional ties with Matt might come back to be a problem though. Fingers crossed that things keep going great for you all.