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A threesome with me, my hubby annd another man is a fantasy I have as well. I like your page a lot. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for sharing your fantasy. The question is does your husband know about it and if so what does he think about it?

My wife has had others but now we have David. He’s much younger, married and lives next door. His wife has returned to her career after having children and is very busy. David sees to my wife at least 3 times during the week. I watch the children as his wife is always late home. She often takes the children to her parents on Sunday and my wife, David and I get together. He is ideal for her, very attentive, athletic, an excellent package. Its the best yet.

Thanks for sharing and I’m glad it’s working out for you. For me, three times a week would be way too much for me. It wouldn’t be as special then and I fear it would lose it’s power and become to normal. 

Dammit man, I feel for you! I'm almost as anxious for your wife to go for it as I would be for mine to do it. Mine was a walk in the park. Just before we were married, she kept telling me about a guy who kept coming in to her work, and hitting on her. She asked me what she should do, I asked her if she wanted to fuck him, and she said yes. I said, go for it. They flirted for a while, and 42 days after we were married, she had his cock in her mouth. It developed into a 4 yr affair. She loved it.

Thanks and congrats! Hot that your wife has done this. Was it just that one guy or has she continued to find others since?

Absolutely astonishing news! Things seem to be back where you want them - only needing patience and good timing. Your wife sounds ever hotter when you talk about her that way. Good for you both!

Well, I don’t want to get too ahead of myself but I think the idea is definitely on her mind. And in some ways she might feel like a bit of groping and kissing at the club might be an easier way to satisfy my fantasy rather than going further. Yet I have a feeling doing that might make her more open to going further and that’s good news too :)

But until we get there I’m not going to think it’s going to happen. But it does feel more likely again. Better than that shut-down conversation we had a few weeks ago. 

I wonder if she sort of regrets that. Maybe she likes having that door open. Likes having me push it. Offer it. I just don’t know. And I bet it changes by her mood.