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Did your "friend" come and visit your wife over the weekend. Big holiday weekend coming up any dancing planned?

Our ‘friend’ did not visit over the weekend but we did go dancing. 

Not only that, but we were old having some drinks and appetizers and it was HER who suggested we try out a place I’d told her about a month or so ago. 

So that was very, VERY hot, that she was interested in dancing and there were some undercurrents and sexual tension about what that might mean.

Sadly, the new place was a bust and a total let down. The vibe was off and the crowd nothing that would get her motor running. Even then she joked about what would happen if she kissed one guy out there who was trying too hard with the ladies. 

We went home and had great sex but nothing with our friend. BUT we agreed that we’d have to go out dancing again soon so we could forget about that bad experience and really have fun. 

So I’m cautiously optimistic about things. 

Hot Fiancée update

Hi everyone.

As promised, here is the latest instalment of my fiancées meeting with her new lover. To say that things didn’t quiet end up as expected, would be an understatement.

My fiancée had arranged to meet her lover at the hotel. The days before the meet are very exciting for both of us. During the build up, we discuss what she wants to do to her lover and what she wants him to do to her. We usually go out and buy new sexy underwear and something nice for her to wear. The sex between us during the build up is amazing, usually involving toys and lots of hot and horny talk. The night before is preparation time, where I will shave her pussy, so it is nice and smooth for her lover.

The day arrived and when my fiancée left our home, she looked very sexy. She decided to wear a summer dress with no underwear or bra, as her lover had told her that he was going to fuck her in the woods that were next to the hotel and she wanted to just lift up her dress and let him enter her. The rest is her description of what happened.

She arrived at the hotel and her lover had only just got there from work. They made their way to the room and her lover wanted to have a shower. She helped him undress and left him to have his shower. Whilst he was in the shower, she lay on the bed and pulled her skirt up, so that she could play with herself. She made sure that she positioned herself so that he could see what she was doing from the shower. My fiancée loves playing with herself in front of other men and one of her desires is to have a group of men standing around her wanking over her, whilst she plays with her wet cunt. She wants to feel lots of men’s cum spraying over her. He got out of the shower, dried off and moved into the bedroom. He helped my fiancée to undress and they got onto the bed. He went down and licked her pussy. She tells me that he has a longer tongue than me and knows how to use it. He performed oral sex on her for a while, then he moved up and placed his cock on her pussy lips. She said that she could feel it throbbing and she desperately wanted it inside her. During their sex texting over the last few days, he told my fiancée that he wanted to fuck her up the arse. He slipped his cock into her wet pussy and slid the whole length into her. He pumped his cock gently in and out of my fiancée, making sure he coated his cock with her juices and then pulled out of her and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her arse. He asked her if it was ok if he fucked her arse, in which she agreed, as long as he was gentle. I had prepared my fiancées arse earlier in the day by fucking it, but his cock is longer and thicker than mine. He slowly pushed his cock into her, taking his time to make sure he didn’t hurt her. She had to stop him a few times, as she was finding it uncomfortable. He eventually managed to push his whole cock into her arse and just held it there. My fiancée said that it felt so big inside her and it was stretching her sphincter. He told my fiancée that she felt very tight around his cock. He then slowly, but gently began to fuck her arse, slowly building up his rhythm. My fiancée does enjoy anal sex, but she did say that his size did make it uncomfortable on a couple of occasions. They continued fucking, until he came deep inside her arse. My fiancée said that by this time, she had got used to his size and width and was enjoying the fucking that he was giving her. He pulled his cock out of her and laid down at her side and it was then that things took a turn.

My fiancée has been totally honest with her lover since day 1 and he knows about me and has even meet me. He also knows how very close my fiancée and I are. We both love each other and trust each other totally. My fiancée has told him on a couple of occasions that their time together is purely for sex. Unfortunately, he admitted to my fiancée that he was falling in love with her, (even though he has a partner). This came out of the blue and shocked my fiancée. They got up, dressed and sat down to talk about his feelings for her. My fiancée explained that whilst we have an open relationship, we are committed to each other. They spoke some more, then my fiancée left and came home. My fiancée and I spoke at great length about what happened and she was both shocked and upset by the events that happened earlier in the evening. Even when you meet people in this situation, you do build a strange sort of friendship and it was this that upset her. She spoke to her lover the next day and reiterated that she would not leave me and that their time together was purely for sex. This is where we are at, at the moment.

We will obviously update you about this. In the meantime, keep safe and have fun.

Thanks for sharing! And this is one of the reasons why I think on-going relationships like this can be tricky. Yes, it’s good to know that they’re safe and it’s not easy to find good ‘thirds’. But ultimately there is some sort of attachment and that’s when things can go south fast. 

But it’s very comforting to hear her response to it all and see that she is approaching it as an enhancement to YOUR relationship.

Have been sharing her for 8years. We both get off on it. Have progressed even to her picking someone and going alone. That adds even an extra thrill for us. Now we both want a guy to freely cum in her. We’ve always used condoms for safety but the ultimate will be her taking cum. She loves the wet feel when I let go in her and I want clean up after another cock. I do that now after I have shot in her. She always cums again as well. To find someone clean as we don't want a regular fuck.

Thanks for sharing! 8 years is a long time and I can see how you might want to evolve things. Very happy to see you’ve been safe and while it’s hot to think about her getting creamed you DO need to be careful. So pick wisely and good luck :)

Never Shake The Ex-Thoughts

(Story submitted by a follower)

I still get turned on at the thought of watching my ex wife fuck other guys. We never did the deed together. We did a lot of role playing in the beginning of our marriage.

Then one day I found out she was unfaithful. I was angry but my dick was rock hard. I asked her for all the details. She fucked two guys in a parking lot of a dive bar near us.

Soon, whenever she went out with the girls she would come home with a new story and a soaking wet pussy for me to fuck. I always assumed she did some flirting but never was unfaithful again.

A few years after her first liaison I caught her lying about her later and later nights with her sister. She started cheating regularly and had been off and on our whole marriage. I was very angry of course but tried to work it out.

A week went by and she went out again with her sister and never came home all night. When the sun was peeking in my bedroom she crawled into bed with me. I told I knew what she probably did and didn’t want her near me.

Then she began to tell me what went on that night. I got rock hard but turned away from her so she couldn’t see and said I didn’t want to her about it. She reached over and grabbed my swollen cock and said “Then why are you so turned on?”

I couldn’t talk any more because my blood was racing as she went down on me and began sucking my cock telling me all the dirty details of her fucking in the car and the guy having her bent over into the back seat fucking her with his thick cock.

I could barely contain myself! Her pussy was so fucking wet and loose from her lover fucking her just an hour or two before. I fingered her and went down on her then fucked the shit out of her as she kept telling me everything they did. I never came so hard in my life!

Later that morning she was in the office naked and I could see that she was still dripping wet from all the fucking she been doing that night. Her pussy juices were running down her legs! I put her in the big chair we had in there and fucked her raw again.

Years later she shared pictures with me of her with other men. Almost all were gangbangs. I kept them for some time and wacked myself raw more than once. I eventually deleted them. (Regretfully) I still get turned on to this day about that day and the supposed (fantasy) nights we had after her nights out without me.

I will never get my current girl to do that. She’s good to me but I can never shake the idea of watching my women with other men.

Thanks for sharing!

I fuck my friend’s wife while is away at work. She’s very hot and a great fuck. He works 3 weeks away and one week home. It was his idea as she loves cock and he’s sure she would wander anyway. I see her nearly every day, often more than once. He wants it to be either him or me and never both. He doesn’t want her with me when he is home but when he plays golf she drops in and gives me relief as she puts it. I wear a condom for these so no evidence. All is sweet.

Maybe sweet for you but it sounds a lot like she’s cheating with those golf drop-ins and the arrangement sounds more like a hedge against her straying. Again, it just doesn’t sound like the husband and wife are really doing this together. Maybe it works but it’s not my idea of fun.

" Its our scene and it works. " What would happen if you said : " Wife, for your safety I need to know who this guy is, full name etc, and where you go on Tuesday " Would she tell you to stuff it?

Interesting question.