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I love to watch my wife fuck other men. To be quite honest, I haven't a clue why I enjoy it so much. Yet I love her with all my heart... it seems ironic, doesn't it?

I think that’s a thought that runs through a lot of men who enjoy this. 

You love your wife with all your heart, yet you also love to watch (or fantasize about) her fucking other men. 

It seems like those two things don’t match and the typical romance stuff would tell you they don’t. 

I’ve written about why I enjoy the fantasy but at the end of the day I also think you simply feel what you feel. 

  1. bigalcap said: there are so many reasons to play around. first of all its the natural way for our species. there is the fun of sharing, the learning, the adventure , keeping it secret, the drinking and smoking and foreplay but most of all those super hardons
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