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My Wife’s First Date

We met her first black man (and second man ever) at a restaurant for drinks.  He greedily eyeballed her tits while we small talked.  I went to the restroom and when I returned, he went.  My wife told me he played with her nipples and pussy under the table while i was gone.  I thought my wife would be too nervous but she was ready when e asked if she wanted to fuck.  They left together while I took care of the bill under the knowing eye of our waitress.

In the parking lot, I found my normally reserved wife practically in heat.  We followed him to a nearby hotel where they went in for a couple of hours while I waited in the car.  When she returned she was disheveled, exhausted, her pussy was sore and happier than I’ve ever seen her.  

She told me that he attacked her as soon as they were in the room, pulling off her clothes, sucking her tits, fingering and eating her pussy, having her suck his rock hard 8 inch cock again and again before fucking her.   She ended up sucking him hard again after each time he came until he was ready to fuck her again.  He came four times that night.  She came so much she lost count.

He emailed me the next day to tell me how good my wife had sucked his cock and raved about how wet and silky smooth my wife’s pussy was.  They made a regular thing out of it for awhile. 

Thanks for sharing. Sounds pretty damn hot. Though I would want to be in the room watching my wife sucking and fucking that stud. 

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