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I think all those screw my wife and wife sharing movies are staged. I mean a smoking hot wife with an ugly old husband???  A lot of the woman have had boob jobs too.

Totally agree! Most or all of it is staged. There’s other amateur wife porn out there. Varying degree of hotness. Torrents are your friend.

  1. shesnotcheating said: If you have the time could you point me towards a few decent torrents. As I think you’re aware, I’m especially interested in wives that are initially naive/reluctant.
  2. okosexy said: If you find good ones, feel free to share names! It’s SO hard to find real amateur stuff
  3. discretecouple said: It’s stage just for the fantasy of it thou is cool. And the real ones are not shown only the stage ones cause they have the fake girls on there
  4. iamheteroflexible said: Of course most of them are. they cater to the fantasy.
  5. lovetowatchmywifefuck said: Amateur……REAL amateur wife sharing is the best!
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