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Hot Wife Video Problems

Lets talk about these videos.

The produced hot wife videos have a couple of problems. The Screw My Wife series is way too fake. I mean, the interviews are kinda cool but the old dude is just a complete boner-killer and my wife got skeeved out by him. 

Then you have all these other Cuckold Sessions, Evil Cuckold kind of thing which just goes too far for my taste. They all have a small bit of what I like but then it goes off the fucking rails. It’s always the extreme. Not just a little bit of erotic teasing but like full-on humiliation mode. Maybe that does it for some guys but even when I’m totally worked up that doesn’t do it for me. 

Then there’s the bi stuff that gets tossed in. Again, totally cool if that’s your thing but for a guy who’s looking for just good hot wife porn it’s a total killer. And it’s not the kind of stuff you can share with a hesitant wife, that’s for sure.

Seems like there’s be a market for good hot wife porn. It doesn’t even have to be amateur, though thatd be cool. It just has to be in that zone. Has to convey that total erotic mindfuck of watching your wife slowly get more and more turned on by some stud or studs, then seeing her let her lust take over and watch how slutty she gets. See her almost perform for the husband, enjoying herself (ALWAYS) but also getting off knowing that what she’s doing is getting her husband off!

There are a few amateur vids floating around where the wife talks to the husband. That’s the shit that is just amazing. The wife popping off a cock and looking into the camera at hubby and asking ‘you like watching me suck this big cock, don’t you?’. The vocal stuff totally turns me on and yet there’s so little of it.

With some many people digging this fantasy (16K+ here now!) why can’t the porn industry get it right??

  1. sharesex answered: I think the industry has been making the same oral, 2-3 positions, pop shot, for so long, they don’t know how to cater to different kinks.
  2. ffemtpdude said: I totally agree.
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    I like this point of view…
  4. lee-the-freak answered: Agreed. It’s the best when both parties love what’s happening. When it’s clear the husband isn’t belittled. And he loves what she’s doing.
  5. rottenrhino answered: It’s next to impossible to produce quality fake cuckold content. Paid actors can’t possibly portray the full gambit of emotions!
  6. moralityloophole answered: Agreed 99%. (A little bi action is fine by me)
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  9. shesnotcheating answered: I’ve been wondering the same thing for years. Penthouse letters has indicated it’s the most popular fantasy there, so why not videos?
  10. kimintn26 answered: Speaking from the womans point of view, I would agree with most of what you said. I prefer the amateur by far, and hot talk is just the icin
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