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The Blindfolded Wife

My wife and I often fantasise of MFM sex and role play threesomes, foursomes and moresomes with her being the centre of attention of several cocks. This last weekend we decided to add an extra degree of spice to our bedroom fun, which brought a totally new level of intimacy and excitement that neither of us had experienced before. 

She prepared herself for the night of fun by dressing in a tight fitting basque, black stockings, high heels and to add that finishing touch, a nice sexy choker. However, for the first time in our role play, she’d agreed to my suggestion to wear a blindfold….

She looked absolutely stunning as she entered the bedroom, her slim, petite sized 8 body further emphasising her 40 inch tits, which were mouth-watering popping out of the top of the basque.

Hindered by the blindfold….I guided her to the mirrored wardrobe where her two suction-cup, life-like dildo ‘friends’ were ready and waiting. As we kissed her arms reached out hoping to find some cock…..

She wasn’t disappointed and she soon cooed with excitement as her hands quickly found both mine and the additional two cocks…. It wasn’t long before she dropped to her knees to revel in the delight of licking and rubbing three unknown / unseen strangers cocks over her tits and face before devouring each one in turn into the back of her throat. It wasn’t only her moans of ecstasy that confirmed she was loving every second of it, but her pussy was dripping wet, which I quickly found out to my delight as I slid my fingers deep into her snatch. 

As I looked down at my normally refined and classy wife the excitement was almost unbearable to see her acting the total slut. The blindfold not only added a whole new dimension to her fantasy by enabling her to imagine she was sucking off three unknown strangers, but for me it was seeing the transformation of the woman I love,  who normally has the air that ‘butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth’ acting totally out of character devouring three cocks with total gusto. 

My words of encouragement and dirty talk telling her what sexy slut she was, and how ‘us guys’ were all going to take it turn to fuck her, fuelled her passion and were met by moans of pure ecstasy.

With her still wearing the blindfold ‘we’ took her to the bed for a spit roasting, and as I entered her from behind she continued to suck with abandonment the other two cocks.

We fucked in every conceivable position as both I and the two dildos took it in turn to fuck this cock-crazed blindfolded woman.  

After an hour of frantic fucking she decided to take off the blindfold and with me on top she whispered into my ear that throughout the time she’d been imaging that she was being fucked and used by three total strangers and that I was watching and photographing the whole sexy episode. She added that she wanted me to add my load to the three that had already been shot deep into her used and spunked up pussy… With such thoughts running amok through my mind do you think I could hold back another second???….Well could you???….(I Thought Not!) and I shot my load like never before.

All I can say is to those that do role play, but have never used a blindfold before DO SO….it’s not only fucking unbelievable it’s mind blowing.


As much of the above is absolutely true, and my wife is more than keen to for a repeat this session, it does bring certain points of discussion that I would love to see other followers of this great hot wife blog contribute towards and that is:

  • How many couples enjoy such active role play and what do you get up to?
  • Do you think fantasy and active and erotic role play is far better than the real thing? - From our side of the fence it provides total discretion. It’s by far safer than meeting unknowns. It offers no limits, boundaries or hang ups. It’s never met with let downs or disappointments. It’s free of guilt, violation, jealousy or disease and it’s absolutely mind blowing.
  • Another point I’d like to make to all those followers who are trying to encourage their wife’s to participate in either role-pay or actual wife sharing sex is try not to make one big jump in pushing your partner out of her comfort and go from ‘vanilla sex to mind blowing sex in one fell swoop.. It takes years of trust to gently make each step as you encourage her to relinquish her inhibitions and open up to a whole new world of sexual fun and excitement. Let’s look at the psychology of realising those inhibitions.
  • It’s contributions from people like you (and me) that makes this blog a great place to share ideas and experiences so let’s keep it going by telling how we’ve made the transition in turning our wives into ‘Hot Wives’ and the fun we share, either role play or the real thing.
  • And finally how many other couples have role played with blindfolds?….If not, come on guys give it a try, tell us your experiences, how she reacted both to your suggestion and to her behaviour.

To the guy who runs this blog….All I can say is keep up the great work.


Thanks for sharing! I agree that the role play is incredibly intense and even if I never convince my wife to do it for real, trying to get there with role play is amazing. Also agree that you can’t go too fast. Go slow and always communicate!

Also I love the contributions like this from others. I enjoy hearing from others who are exploring this fantasy and those who have made it a reality. I like to hear about the emotions and the fits and starts. The reality! Because that’s what is really hot, thinking about all these couples and wives doing this for real. Taking that step into lust together.

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