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rest of Kris’s story…

ugh…i submitted this twice already from phone…must be a glitch…anyway… Kris told me the story as i went down on her then i told her her it was time to pay for the fun she’d had.  we tend to play pretty rough so that meant blowjob/rimming/facefucking/verbal (from her more details, from me about who “owns” her) and i wrote on her chest and belly “i suck and fuck black dick” and “slut wife” with a marker.  Ended with her on top while i exploded then she came.  Horny lil thing she is though, i had to get out “roberto” her bbc dildo and she rode that to another two orgasms.  No pics :(  this guy is a friend and gets weirded out by pictures.  she did audio record the whole thing so that’s pretty hot to listen to :)  Thanks for the interest, folks!  There is a Part 3 that i’ll submit if say…25 people want to hear.  it’s actually the best part….

Wow! Thanks for sharing!

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