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First time….

So we met up at Hudson and he got there before me which I was really hoping to beat him there, however My Heather got pulled over, so I had to do the whole nervous look around, which he wanted because he fun like that. I saw him sitting in the corner,  wearing a blue dress shirt and when I went up to say hi, I saw his lip, and my first thought was yum! Then he smelled good so that just made it better for me. We grab a table with My Heather and we order our drinks, as soon as he put his hand on my knee my nervous went away. I love being tease in public, and he was very good at that, rubbing my legs, and holding my hand. Then I leaned in to tell him something, and he kissed me and took a lot in me not to say goodnight to My Heather and leave with him. We shared a nice kiss. Been a while since I made out in the middle of a public place. He is a very sweet and funny guy, he was easy to talk to and I loved feeling his hands on my back and ass. I knew he was ready to get out of there since he was “helping” me finish my drink. We left a little before last call, and I have to say he had my panties wet the whole time we were there!

We got to my house and I was a bit nervous. He went to the bathroom and I sent the Mr a text letting him know we were back at the house. Before I could send anything else he came out of the bathroom, and was kissing me, pulling my tits out of my top taking them into his mouth. My pussy now very wet. We undress and he turned the light off, feeling his hands on me making me even more wet, his fingers pulling my panties aside to sliding his finger over my wetness and swollen clit. He comment on how wet my pussy was and that the pictures I sent him didn’t do it justice. Feeling his finger stroke inside me, feeling me, taking my breath away. Finger fucking me hard and fast, bring me close to my first orgasm, but I was still nervous about this and he could tell so came and  he laid next to me and started kissing me, his fingers sill stretching and stroking my pussy. Next thing I know he is removing my panties, and spreading my legs, his tongue working over my swollen clit, I took a quick picture and sent to the Mr so he knew what was going on.                          

I loved feeling his tongue lick my pussy, he was very good at it, took his time and seemed to be loving it himself. He moved up to me again, telling me I tasted good, by now I wanted his cock in my mouth. Started kissing again, tasting myself on him. Him on his back, then I took his cock into my mouth, sucking him softly at first getting use to a new cock, enjoying it. He pulled me on top of him telling me to get my pussy in his face! MMM I love 69, while I was sucking and stroking his cock, he was licking and fingering my wet pussy. Grinding my pussy into his face, and I was gagging on his cock. I wanted to suck his cock longer but We move positions  He had me kneeling in front of him, his fingers deep in me, hitting my g spot. Next thing I know a feeling that I never have felt before comes over me, he asked if I cummed, I wasn’t sure to be honest, and he laughed saying, because you just squirted all over my hand. I looked down and my blanket was wet and I giggled saying ” well that is a new one for me”. He said he wanted to do it again, before I know it his fingers are in me again, finger fucking me hard. Having to hold on to my headboard for support. He got  me on my back , his cock teasing me, rubbing my clit and asking me if I like that. After teasing me for a while, he got a condom. Then in between my legs, his cock sliding in slowly, feeling a new cock in me was exciting, feeling him in me, made me wet, he was working his cock in me. He took some pictures for the Mr. Then he started to slap my pussy! OMG it was amazing! I loved it and I didn’t want him to stop. Making my pussy tingle and wet with each slap. I am honestly getting wet again writing about. He made a comment about how someone likes her pussy slapped…. His was cock back in my pussy, harder this time, telling me how to put my legs, moving me in different positions  I am not sure how many times I cummed, because it was different for me. He had me on my stomach with my legs closed, him fucking me and hitting my spot each time, he was amazing at that… I remember saying I am not sure how much more I could take. He went a bit longer making me cum more.

We laid there for a moment catching our breaths, he then asked if he could fuck my ass, yeah because I am going to turn that down. I went to the bathroom and then came back, laying back down next to him. He started kissing me, and rubbing my asshole, slowly, teasing me. He got the lube and told me to get on my back, pulling my ass to the edge of the bed. His cock sliding into my tight ass, feeling him in my ass made my clit swell and tingle. He fucked my ass hard, and pinching my nipples. He took a few more pictures for the Mr.. I rubbed my clit while he was fucking my ass, I cummed so hard, he didn’t realize what was happening.  He tried to hold back but he was really liking it, he finally cummed deep in my ass….

we laid there and talked for a bit, kissed a little. Then he went home. I sent all the pictures the Mr who was very turned on by them. He called after getting them wanting to hear everything that happened.

I wasn’t sure on how many times I cummed, but when I turned my bedroom light back on, my blanket was covered in wet spot. I had a lot of fun and felt sexy with him and I will love to have some more fun with him, He is great at listening and asking if I like this or that. Was amazing to hear him growl and moan. I hope he and I can meet up again soon, Maybe with the Mr next time (:

* he asked that I didnt post the pictures so that is why there is no pictures*

Incredible! Thanks for sharing!

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