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BBC for my wife?

A few months ago I admitted to my wife that I’d like to share her with someone better equipped that I. I told her how I just wanted to watch her and I had no interest in being with other women just to see her with another man. We talked about it and she didn’t seem to like the idea and for the most part we talk about it very rarely and she still has shown not to much interest aside from just joking. She’s a nurse and the other night she mentioned how she worked with a patient who had come into the ER and kept telling her how attractive she was. He was a black man and as she was examining him she noticed that he had large package. That night when she got home she talked to me about it and about how big it was and she didn’t see how anything like that would fit inside a woman. Over the past few days she’s been telling me how she has been approached and hit on by other black men while she’s shopping at target or at the malls. She’s said that she enjoys then attention and I made a wise crack at here saying she was into BBC or maybe she should hook up with one. At first she was very defensive about it almost upset acting but now she seems to joke around about it and laugh every time I mention something about BBC or any other time she says another person hit on her. What are your thoughts as well as your followers? Is this something I should try to explore with her? The though of it is quite exciting for me.

Thanks for sharing! I think she’s clearly intrigued by the idea but it sounds like she also feels it’s wrong for her to feel that way. So she turns it into a joke. That’s sort of good because she’s willing to have it out there but also might be a defense mechanism to make it clear it isn’t going to happen.

I’d explore it with her for sure but I’d go slow. If you watch porn together, watch some interracial porn. Or get a black dildo. Just see where it goes from there and have fun exploring the fantasy and getting your rocks off.

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  2. imaslutwife said: I feel much the same way she does! If hubby will set it up, I will go thru with it. It would show me he really wants me to try some BBC and that he’s OK with it. Good luck! =)
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