Hot Wife Photos
Will you post user submissions?

Sometimes. Be forewarned I’m a picky fuck. I usually need to see that it’s really a wife with another guy or guys. That means no shots of a couple really with the caption - this is my wife with a stud. I mean, it might be true but I can’t tell really and most of the time it’s pretty obvious is a couple selfie. Very rarely I’m post a solo shot of a wife if I think she’s attractive and if there’s a good story with it. 

Things I generally don’t like are pure promotion where you ask me to blog your stuff to get more followers or posts that are degrading to women, calling them a fuckpig or whore. Not my thing. 

More answer then you thought you’d get I’m sure! :)

  1. milf-anne said: Like that! What get me is guys who post pics of their wife, GF, or EX who posed for them and they call her a whore, slut, or pig. All she did was act as a loving gal and pose for YOU! That’s not a slut but a good sign of a loser.
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